The Royal Wedding: Princess for the Day

Do you have royal wedding fever? You are probably not alone. With all the hoopla surrounding the royal wedding I have often thought to myself {yes, this is a question that keeps me up at night} what wedding present is befitting for a future king and queen? What do you get a couple that seems to have everything? Thankfully my invitation was lost in the mail, so no need for me to truly fret over gift shopping for Wills and Kat. Of course, all of their guest can take a sigh of relief now because the couple has announced they have set up a charity-wedding list in lieu of a gift registry. However, I thought it would be fun to play princess for the day and share with you what my royal wedding registry would look like. I’m warning you I have indulged; after all I am the bride!

royal wedding gifts
Price tag:3,000 British pounds or $4954.50 US dollars
Mailmason Butter Dish from Christofle
Price tag:$780.00
Price tag:$1,525.00
Price tag:$150.00 for a set of 4

royal bedroom
Atlas Frame from Tiffany & Co
Price tag:$415.00
Price tag:$775.00
Lace Trimmed Sheets from Neiman Marcus
Price tag:$359.00
Cotton Eiderdown Pillow from St. Geneve
Price tag:expect to pay around $2,000.00

royal bathroom

Price tag:$375.00
Price tag:$279.99 for 18 piece towel set
Brighton Bath Rugs from Neiman Marcus
Price tag:$265.00
Price tag:$1500.00

Now it’s your turn to indulge! What item would be on your royal wedding registry?


Lindy@Itsy Bitsy Paper said...

Oh, I totally need everything on this list! I don't know why my wedding guests didn't get me things like this when I got married :) Great list!

Sarah, Three Boys said...

Totally gorgeous. I am an old fashioned girl at heart and would register at Chase Manhattan Bank:) Well a-least that is what I SHOULD have done:)

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