Ladybug Party Ideas

What better way to celebrate your little lady’s big day than with a ladybug themed party? Despite being a beetle, people can’t get enough of these bright and joyful looking bugs. A matter of fact, it is said to be good luck if a ladybug lands on you. Fortunately, there’s a lot of inspiration out
there for ladybug parties!

Ladybug Party

1~Ladybug themed dessert table by Glorious Treats and featured at Kara’s Party Ideas

2~NEW Our Little Lady Invitations from yours truly at Delightfully Noted

3~Decorated Ladybug Sugar Cookies from The Cookie Jar

4~Ladybug pretzels featured at Bee in our Bonnet blog

5~Personalized Ladybug Placemat from My Personalized TShirt

6~Ladybug Tablecloth Weights from Amazon

What are some of your favorite types of birthday themes?


Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Oooh so so cute! I love the idea of lady bug pretzels.

Delighted Momma said...

Such a cute birthday party theme!!! I especially love the invitations - "Our little lady is turning 3" - clever!

Star Hughes Living

Mike Esposito said...

Great Party Ideas! The pretzels are my favorite!

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