May’s Crush of the Month: Fabric Flowers

From chiffon, to felt, to leather, fabric flower embellishments are everywhere! To say it was love at first sight when I first spotted this trend is an understatement. Kids, this isn't no schoolgirl crush, I’m talking OBSESSION here. Literally, my heart flutters every time I lay eyes on some blossom-embellished beauty. I like that you can add a flower appliqué or fabric necklace to a white t-shirt and with in seconds your attire has gone from blah to awwww. My infatuation doesn’t just stop at attire though, it takes an extreme amount of discipline to keep me from purchasing pillows, shower curtains, bedspreads, and anything else that is adorned with these floral designs. Heck, I even want to buy wedding dresses with these embellishments and quite frankly as long as my husband continues to remember that taking out the stinky garbage his is job then I really don’t see a need for another white gown in my closet. As you can see below these fun frills can translate any item from gifts, to your hair, to your shoes, into a rather bold and beautiful ensemble. Go ahead, get your crush on!
Blog Fabric Flowers
I’ve put together a fun fabric flower tutorial so make sure to stop by tomorrow!
So what trend are you crushing on these days?


Unknown said...

What an adorable blog you have here! Thanks so much for showing off my necklace!

(Happy Little Lovelies)

Meg said...

love your crush of the month! can not wait to start following your blog! thanks for including my headband!!!!
can not wait to see the tutorial.

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