4th of July Printable:DIY Sparkler Favors

The Fourth of July is one my favorite holidays! Ironic, considering as a young child I use to be terrified of fireworks. To this day, sparklers will be the closest things to a firecracker that you will ever see me light. I blame my lack of desire to play with pyrotechnics on the post-traumatic stress I endured as the only girl smack dab in the middle of 2 brothers who use to taunt me with those paper poppers {they had me convinced as they chased me around that they may have accidentally mixed them up with a box of the big boom-pow firecrackers!} Go ahead feel sorry for me. Fortunately, I grew up into an adult who LOVES a great, festive firework display and I can’t wait to “ooh” and “awe” next Monday at our town’s holiday festival!  In honor of 4th of July I thought it would be cute to put together some sparkler favors and I’m sharing the printable with you. After all, fun is always in style!

4th of July party favors with printable

4th of July Printable Favors

Download sparkler cards here. 

You’ll want to print on heavy cardstock so that once you add the sparklers the favor isn’t flimsy. There are 5 cards on a page and each card measures approximately 2 inches wide & 8.25 inches long. 

Take your scissors and cut out each card. Cut a small horizontal slit with an x-acto or craft knife above and below the solid blue border. Weave your sparklers through the slits.

Free 4th of July printable for sparklers

You can place the favors in a bucket or basket and add it to your cookout décor. Once the sun starts to set the kiddies will know exactly where to run to for some good ‘ol traditional holiday fun!

4th of July party favor

See aren't those fun? What are some of your favorite 4th of July childhood memories?

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Being Creative to Keep My Sanity said...

I love these party favors. They turned out really cute.

I am your newest follower, come check me out at

I have been on the hunt for sparklers favors for my 4th of July party. Thanks for sharing.

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

How clever is this?! You won't catch me getting near anything other than a sparkler either so this is perfect!

Heather J said...

These are so cute! Love sparklers! They'd be fun for neighbor gifts. Thanks for sharing!

btanders said...

These are SOOO cute! I made sparkler favors a few years ago (http://btanders.blogspot.com/2011/06/4th-of-july-sparkler-favors.html) but yours are way cuter! Thanks for sharing!!

www.StarHughes.com said...

SO adorable!! I love these! I'm sad I won't be in the country for 4th of July, otherwise I'd use these! These are so cute and such a fun 4th party favor!

Ashley said...

ah this would be so fun as a party favor!!!! thanks sooo much for linkin.
you rock:)

Tonii said...

These are SO darling!! Thank you so much for sharing, I am your newest follower :) Feel free to check out my blog at www.ptskjohnson.blogspot.com
I can't wait to browse more through yours!!

Tauja @ Simply Mod Mom said...

These are SO adorable! Can't wait to make them for our 4th of July party this weekend!

Thanks for sharing!

Southern Summer said...

New follower here!! These are ADORABLE!!! Thanks for sharing!


Kaitlin Saenz said...

I love your post and all of your holiday spirit! I'm visiting from Me and my Boys! I’m hosting my first ever blog party and its all 4th of July-all Red, White, and Blue! I’d love for you to link up and share with me!

Hope to see you over at my place soon!
Kaitlin-The Not So Simple Housewife

Lindy@Itsy Bitsy Paper said...

Thank you so much for linking up to my Red, White and Blue Linky Party!


Kaitlin Saenz said...

Thank you so much for linking this up! I love it! So cute! Perfect for my first blog party celebrating the 4th of July!

I'm hosting my first ever weekly blog party and it starts today! It is called {re}create into something new! So please link up anything that you have reinvented, repurposed, recycled, revamped, reused, reorganized or redone! http://notsosimplehousewife.blogspot.com/2011/07/recreate-into-something-new-blog-party.html

Thanks again!
Kaitlin--The Not So Simple Housewife

Lucy said...

I like to make friends with you,haha.

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Shannon { A Mom's Year } said...

Thank you so much for the fantastic idea! I made a bunch of these to hand out at our friends' 4th of July party. They were so easy and adorable I'd like to link to your site. Have a great Fourth!

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