Friday's Dose of Delight {No.4}

And so we meet again….it feels like just yesterday I was gearing up for the Memorial Day weekend.  Not that I’m complaining because by now you should know how much I love me some Fridays! Today I’m sharing another mini roundup of Friday’s Dose of Delight.  If you’re new to my bloggie-blog this is where I feature 2 items that I came across this week that inspire me with their awesomeness.  I’m pretty sure today’s features will delight you too!

Spud Bar from The Inspired Bride

By now I’m pretty sure most of us are burnt out on kid’s dessert bars. Been there, done that. But here’s an idea you don’t see too often….a spud bar! It’s baked potatoes in all their glory. This shoot was set up for a bachelor party {obviously something the fiancée would put together because I’m pretty sure potato decor is a far cry from what’s on the mind of men when planning their buddy’s bachelor party. Correct me if I’m wrong}. This idea would be suitable for all adult events; birthdays, anniversaries, and even retirement parties.  See full post here.

Frog Bites from The Seven Year Cottage

Some things are cute and then some things are REEEALLY cute.  These Frog Bites fall under the REEALLY cute category.  Just look at ‘em.  Need I say more? Well, yes, a matter of fact I will.  Initially, looking at this little guy you would think making them would be quite complex but after skimming through the recipe it really doesn’t look hard at all.  Of course, this is coming from a girl who hasn’t cooked in 6 months.  View full recipe here.

What inspired you this week? Please share!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for featuring my frog bites! said...

Oh my gosh those frog cupcakes are realllllyyyyyyy really cute!!! I'll keep that in mind for my cousin's 1st birthday party!
Star Hughes Living

idesign said...

love the spud bar idea!

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