Friday's Dose of Delight {No.10} The Hubby's Picks

Well, I guess a week late is better than never! If you have no clue what I’m talking about no worries I’m use to blank stares, even virtual ones. To catch up on why I’m letting the hubby creep in on my territory today you can find out here and here. I'm not sure if it will explain why he keeps thinking he is guest posting for a made-up series called “Taste of Delight” but either way with out further ado here it is {Of course, you know I had to add my "two cents!" Commentary from yours truly.}
My Taste of Delight

Let me start by saying….VICTORIOUS!!! {explanation here}

Friday Night Lights (TV Series)

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Win-win situation here.  I get to post a picture of Minka Kelly {ahem.... I'll allow this honey only because I kind of have a "girl crush" on her} and talk about my favorite Friday night show ever (Sorry to all of my TGIF friends that I grew up with; Urkle, Balki Bartokomous, Code-man and of course the whole Tanner family)!

I’m sure you have heard it before, but Friday Night Lights was one of the most underrated series of all time. It was a great show to watch with my significant other, it was good drama, very good acting, and a football story that I think actually captivated the wifey {he's right, I wanted to curl into the fetal position on our kitchen floor and cry after the final episode}.

It was nothing like it’s namesake, goofy coming-of-age high school movie.  Originally I was turned off to the series because I thought it was based on the movie, so I missed the first two seasons (I caught up on them later).  If you haven’t had a chance to catch the series it is widely available on Netflix, Hulu, and even; so you have no excuses.  Sit down with your man, dad, or dog and enjoy it from the beginning.

If you followed the series I highly recommend this article The author did a fantastic job explaining why the show was so good.  If you haven’t seen the series I still recommend checking out this article it just may convince you to dedicate many enjoyable hours to the series {Ahem. You said the word series like 5 times now}.

Three Bean Salad

{When I came home tonight and he told me he took pictures of his dish I jokingly told him "I don't put crappy pictures on my blog" but after flipping through his work I have to admit I was beaming like a proud mama! Not too shabby, and he even added the garnish to dress it up a bit}.
I stumbled upon this recipe because the wifey made a bean salad, it was okay {pu-leez, it was da bomb!} but being competitive I decided I needed to make a better one, and I did!  Now I had never made a bean salad before, in fact, I don’t even know if I like bean salad {no, but you sure do like singing the "Beans, Beans the Musical Fruit" song}, but after I made this and tweaked it to perfection it quickly became a go-to recipe. I’ve been making it about every other week to have on hand as a side dish. It’s alot healthier than a potato or pasta salad.

I love this salad.  It’s easy and the longer it sits in the fridge the better it gets (don’t get too carried away, I mean two or three days). I substitute a small diced red onion for the green onion, EVO instead of vegetable oil, and I usually use black beans instead of green beans. Also, toss in a skosh {what the hell is a skosh?? Oh, oh you mean smigden. Sorry, I read that wrong.} of thyme.

Recipe here.

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Hope you enjoyed my "Taste of Delight" { is called Dose of Delight!}!
We wish you a safe and delightful weekend!


Heather J said...

Lol! Y'all crack me up. :) I must check out FNL and try your bean salad. Thanks for your 'taste of delight'.

Regina of Live Delightfully said...

And... again, the similarities! First off ya'll are funny. Love it! Second, the hubby and I have been watching FNL. We really got into it last year (he bought season 1) and then we've been watching season 2 (and 3 maybe, I can't remember now) in the evenings. I did give up on the show for a while when the whole Landry killing that guy was going on, but now that that is over I'm good again. I think we just started season 3. :)

Have a great weekend!

Regina of Live Delightfully

Sarah, Three Boys said...

Love FNL!! said...

Aw I love that your hubby put it together!!! And took pictures for your blog too! How cute!

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