What do Gerard Butler, Spider-Man, & My Hubby Have in Common?

Well, well, as “editor” of this blog I am deeply disappointed that one of my guests failed to provide his materials in time for this Friday’s Dose of Delight. Said guest being my hubby. If you weren’t around for last week’s Dose of Delight, first of all, shame on you and secondly, then you missed where the hubz {did I just make that word up?} announced he would be providing the picks for this week’s inspiration. Of course, now that I think about it he did declare his picks would be for this week’s “Little Taste of Delight”, in which I then stared at him long and hard for a good five minutes. I was trying to observe if he was presenting any early signs of amnesia. I’ve never had a series on this blog called “Little Taste of Delight”.

  What's his excuse? He's been sick all week. I quickly reminded him of an email he sent me on Monday in which he stated he was “coming down with something but not to worry because he was going to kick some germ butt and prove VICTORIOUS against this cold!” So I came home expecting to see this…..

{Image: Metblogs}

No, I didn’t expect to find Gerard Butler in my home. Although, finding a half-dressed Scottish man in my house wouldn’t be all that bad of a deal now that I think about it.  You see this is the type of image that comes to mind, or at least to my coo coo {Google says this can be spelled either coo coo or cuckoo and Google is pretty much a God so I'll believe anything they say}mind when someone says they are going to be “victorious!” And instead of coming home and seeing some germ butt kicken going on I came home to this for the past three days….

{Image: My camera! Okay, okay image via Spider-Man Fan A site created by my hubby's devoted fans }

Ha! And you thought Spider-Man married Mary Jane?

So, nonetheless, there is no Dose of Delight this week.  You can thank Mr “Victorious Germ Butt Kicker” for that {but I wouldn’t shake his hand}.



Stephanie @ henry happened said...

Aww, hope he feels better! It is always SO much worse when guys get sick. My hubby always acts like he's contracted the plague and must be whisked to the ER ASAP.

www.StarHughes.com said...

Aw too bad!!! I hope he feels better soon! Maybe he can do next week's "Little Taste of Delight" :p. So funny!

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