Delight in the Small Things

A few weeks ago I found a stamp in the dollar section at Michael's that said "delight in the little things". I was all like "sold!" This stamped quote is fitting in beautifully {if I say so myself} into my new packaging design for the shop. Not only do I love this saying because it plays off my store and blog name but it is such a great reminder to appreciate the little joys in life. Too often, I get caught up in what is going on around me, and I forget to delight in the little things. So today I'm sharing some of the small things that have brought a smile to my face over the past week.

My Faceted Fuchsia Glass Briolettes and Gold Blossom Earrings

I’m hearting my new earrings to death! I purchased these lovely gems from an Etsy shop called Ilexia Designs.  I bought these bad boys to go along with a dress I bought for a wedding were attending soon. Virginia, the shop owner, is terrific to work with and she ships quickly too! Not so funny story….within minutes from getting my package in the mail I was admiring myself in the mirror with the earrings in and when I went to remove them one of the earrings slipped from my hand and fell where? Yep, you guessed it down the drain. No worries, hubby to the rescue! Anyways, you can go here to check out the beautiful jewelry this store has to offer.

Won a Michael's Gift Card 

Hello! I haven’t won anything since that purple and hot pink bike when I was in first grade {I submitted the winning name for our soccer team “Top Gun”. This was also the team that me and the hubby played on together when were just younguns and he fell in love with my dazed and confused game look bend them like beckham soccer skills}. Heidi, over at FrugalGirls, was the kind gal behind this giveaway.  Her site is the best place to be when looking for steals and deals!

My Frankly Speaking Vintage Greeting Cards

Remember a few Friday’s ago I posted about this incredibly humorous card design I found from Frankly Speaking? Well, guess what? The company’s owners, Annie & Julie , saw that blog post as well, and contacted me to see if they could send me a free card. How nice is that? Of course, I picked out the “no hablo ingles” therapist one. The best part is though when I opened my mail the other day not only did they send me my card of choice but they threw in a few other fantastically cheeky cards as well!  Stay tuned because these sister-in-laws {how fun is that?} have agreed to do a little interview and give us a peek into the inspiration behind their brand and designs. In the mean time, you can check out their website here.

I'd love to know what small things are you delighting in this week?


Anonymous said...

Sooooo funny about the stump! It is great to know June is in good company with what she loves. :) Matter of fact, she has that thing in her mouth right now!! lol.

Ps. I love your blog! Your earrings are beautiful and I am so glad your hubby saved them!!

Debra said...

Love your earrings - glad you could save them! Those cards are hilarious. I always like when I find different, funny ones.

sherri lynn said...

This is a great post! Today was such a long day with work, I need to think back through of all of the little things that delighted me instead of just being tired and crabby!

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

I love that saying! It's a perfect fit for you & your shop! And congrats on the win!! said...

I love all of these round-ups! Those earrings are gorgeous! And what a great stamp - so fitting!

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