Delight in the Small Things

I have this obsession with needing to match all my home office supplies. The file folders have to coordinate with the pencils, which have to coordinate with the pencil holder, which has to coordinate with the notebook. You get the point.  I know I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been working on decorating my new office. Well, I found these pencils on Etsy and they were the perfect color for my little “studio” {remember using the word “studio” makes people take you seriously as an artist! At least, that’s what I tell myself}. 

 Stephen, over at Wacodis, engraves these bad boys himself.  You can even customize the pencils with your choice of wording. Of course, I picked my signature sign off, “Yours Delightfully”.  They look great in my "studio"!

It's funny how something as small as pencils can totally brighten your day!

You can check out Stephen's store here.

So tell me what are you OCD about?

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Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

These are cute! Can't wait to see how your new office turns out :)

Cat said...

Fun! I am addicted to office supplies :)

♥ Cat brideblu

sherri lynn said...

These are so cute! I love this color and can imagine that your studio is super cute :)

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

You are cracking me up with coordinated office supplies! But I love those pencils! I so want an office - my dining room is wreck now.

Grammy Goodwill said...

Those are so cute. I could see my daughter doing that, too.

Miss Young said...

I get so excited about office supplies, too (and color coordinating...)! I'm definitely OCD about making lists...If I make a mistake when I'm making a list it drives me crazy until I rewrite it...I can't help it!

Unknown said...

Saw you in the Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop! I am already a follower but I stopped by to say hi anyway! I love the pencils and am going to go enter you giveaway!

Courtney Pies said...

I started following you from the Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop - Week 21! I am a part of the blog hop. :)
I'm following your site, Google Friend Connect, Facebook, Twitter, Networked Blogs, etc. if applicable!
Have a great weekend!

-Courtney P.

Anonymous said...

New follower from Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop.
I've always warned any employers I've had that they do not want me in charge of ordering office supplies because I will stretch the budget.
I took at look at your Etsy store and really liked the stationary. said...

Oh my gosh those are PERFECT for you!!!! I am the same way about my office supplies :) There's something about having matching office supplies that is so calming!

I'd love to hear from you!