The Goofy Things Couples Talk About

I’m pretty sure if you were a fly on the wall in my home you would seriously think about having me committed.  My hubby and I have some of the silliest conversations ever. Do you and your significant other do this too? 

Case in point; this evening we were making fun of discussing how I accidentally trimmed the sides of the temporary paper blinds too short on the glass door in our bedroom that leads to the back yard {about a month ago we had a new fully glass door replaced and yes, I still have not found custom blinds for the door yet! So in the mean time we’ve been using those paper blinds. Don’t judge.} So the discussion started off on how my bad trimming job allows people to peek in through the glass door, which eventually led to us discussing my nightmares. 

{Image via Jung tumblr| Where I may find myself if I keep sleepwalking!}

So let me back up a bit…..yes, a few years ago, I started experiencing extremely violent nightmares. These dreams cause me to punch, push, kick {poor lamp}, yell out blood curdling screams and at times I will get up and run to doors frantically looking for ways to escape.  One night the hubby even woke up to see me trying to write something on the wall with my finger. Silence. Silence. Silence.  You’re ready to call the mental ward aren’t you? Trust me, I creep myself out. Anyways, our conversation went a little like this:

Me: I’m glad I’m not sleeping on your side of the bed because if there was a serial killer in our backyard he can totally get a better view of you.  I already have the creepy, male shadowy figure who stands over me every night {one of my reoccurring dreams}.  And yet, you still never manage to catch him!
Hubby: That’s because he doesn’t exist.

Me: He does. He wears all black except for that one night when he came dressed like a caveman.

Hubby: Exactly, cavemen have been extinct for thousands of years. He doesn’t exist.

Me: Well, he did show up dressed like one of those caveman-Viking dudes like from the Capital One commercials; but like a “serial killer looking” caveman type of Viking.
Hubby: Why the hell would a serial killer come dressed up like a caveman?

Me: I don’t know! Why the hell do serial killers dress up like clowns then?
Hubby: That’s to lure children.  I don’t think a caveman outfit is going to lure anyone.

Me: You don’t think a serial killer would don a caveman outfit??!!  Think about the headlines……”Woman Bludgeoned to Death by Man Dressed As a Caveman”.  Imagine the panic that caveman outfit would cause!

And that my friend is how to get into a proper debate about the dos and don’ts regarding wardrobe decisions made by serial killers. Ahhh….to be a fly on the wall.

What are some of the silliest/strangest conversations you’ve ever had with your hubby or SO?


Regina of Live Delightfully said...

I wish I could tell you that you are alone in your crazy conversations but you are not. My hubby and I have some pretty crazy conversations as well. I can't remember them right now, mainly because at the time they don't seem crazy at all.

Heather J said...

this is awesome! well the conversation...not the creepy dreams or serial killers. not fun!

Sarah, Three Boys said...

you crack me up! And I love that picture! said...

Hahaha I just love the two of you!!! I laughed out loud reading this. Too funny!

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