How to Reupholster Kitchen Chairs

Our kitchen table and stools were one of the first things we purchased when we bought our house a few years ago.  I’m not sure what the heck I was thinking when I picked out a table set that included chairs with white cushions! Apparently, my husband and I eat like three year olds cause those bad boys weren’t white for very long {Sorry, honey! I know I’m really the messy eater but I believe in marriage we should share everything; including taking the blame for my childlike manners}.  My attempts to remove the stains were useless so I decided to give a go at reupholstering the chairs myself with some fresh, colorful fabric. Now I actually completed this DIY project before the word “blog” even existed in my vocabulary so excuse the lack of pictures. However, Google is your friend and if you search “DIY reupholstering” you’re bound to find tons of tutorials with photos.

Screw Driver
Staple Gone
Staple Remover

Step 1: Take your screwdriver and remove the seat of the chair from its base.

Step 2: With your staple remover remove the fabric from the cushioned seat along with all the staples. 
Step 3: Use the old fabric as a template to measure and cut your new fabric.
Step 4: Lay your new fabric pattern faced down and place the seat also face down on top of it.  Start pulling the fabric tightly over the seat cushion and staple it along the edge of the seat.

So you see that window seat behind the kitchen table? Yep, that’s a thorn in my side! The hubby can’t comprehend cushions and pillows in the kitchen.  He also didn't seem to like my other idea either; to place a life-like statue of me there.  So I’ve been pondering for three years {yes, three years!} how the heck to decorate a window seat when you don’t plan on using it as a window seat. Right now I just throw random crap there to fill the space.  Any ideas? I’d love to hear some suggestions!

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Miss Young said...

I love the transformation! I'm a messy eater too...I tell myself that S finds it endearing to wipe food off my face ;) at least I hope so

Love His Book, Gayle said...

Stumbled upon this post looking for ways to utilize my worthless window seat. Your kitchen chairs turned out beautifully, so I am hoping you have a beautiful window seat by now. My kitchen table and chairs are regular height. But that nasty window seat of mine.....a thorn in my too tall to use for seating at my table. Like your spot, it collects junk. So, help!

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