MTV:Reality Killed the Video Star

As some of you may know MTV celebrated its 30th anniversary yesterday.  My first reaction when hearing this news was “Really? Wow! 30 years, it’s been that long?” Then it hit me, MTV debut the same year I was born. So really 30 years isn’t that loooonnngg ago. Sniff, sniff *as I cry into my bucket of ice cream*.  Growing up we didn’t have cable in our house. GASP. No cable? That was the reaction I got from pretty much everyone I ever told that to.  It wasn’t that we couldn’t afford cable, my parents were just content with their basic channels.  As long as dad had his “60 Minutes” and mom had her “ER” they were as happy as clams. Never mind the psychological damage this did to their pre-adolescent daughter! So, as you can imagine, I pretty much soaked up every minute of MTV whenever I hung out over at my friend’s houses. Of course, I realize now that the MTV kids watch today is like black and white compared to the network I remember from my yesteryears. Which is kind of sad for the music world.  There are very few things that can evoke nostalgia like music.  Think about it; how many times are you in your car when you hear a song and think to yourself “this reminds me of that time when …….”. 

So today I’m taking a trip down memory lane and sharing some of the music videos that remind me of those carefree moments of growing up.

Blind Melon-No Rain

Who can forget the“Bee Girl”?

Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch-Good Vibration
When I was in elementary school I attended a little cheerleading camp where we learned a dance routine to this song.  To this day I still can not hear this song with out imagining the 9 year old me dancing around in my cotton candy colored pink room with a Barbie sweatband around my head!

Runaway Train-Soul Asylum
I remember every time this video would come on my girlfriends and I would solemnly gather around the tv as the faces of missing children flashed through out this whole song. We couldn’t believe there were so many missing people in the world. We obviously lived a very sheltered life.

Tell me. What music videos rocked your world back in the day?


Melissa said...

"Mmmbop" -Hanson

The anthem of my adolescence

Sarah, Three Boys said...

such a cute post. hmmmm gonna have to say Pearl Jam's album ten. The whole thing, that would define highschool for me. Does that show my age?

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted said...

Melissa, I think you are the first and only person I know who is such a huge Hanson fan... ha ha I love it! said...

MTV's definitely not as fun anymore! Love this post! Hanson was definitely a childhood staple for me too :p. But I think N'Sync was #1 for me :)

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