Pretty Polish Paper Chandeliers: I Need Me a Pajaki!

I think it goes without saying that stationery designers are pretty paper crazed.  I am no exception.  I especially love learning about the way other cultures incorporate paper into their lives.  So that is why these Polish paper chandeliers caught my eye.  These paper gems are technically called Pajaki, which in English translates to “spiders of straw”.   But we are just going to ignore that, because these chandeliers which are also referred to as “mobiles” are much prettier then spiders or straws!  Polish women and girls create these beauties in bright and fun colors and use them as home décor.  Quite frankly for a place that endures such grey and cold winters if I were them I would be adding these artistic beauties EVERYWHERE! The good news is you don’t need to travel to Poland to get your hands on your own Pajaki.  You can purchase your own mobile on-line from the Polish Art Center or get crafty and create your own with this great tutorial from WREN handmade.
{Lena Corwin's Blog}

 {WREN Handmade}

Dear Poland,
Please send me a Pajaki soon.
PS. I love perogies.  You can send me some of those too!

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sherri lynn said...

So pretty! I love that first one!

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