Meet Annie & Julie; the Sister-in-Laws Behind Frankly Speaking Vintage Greetings

I enjoy discovering new businesses, in particularly, women owned businesses.  For me, it is a pleasure to read about other women who are just like you and I {hence why I can easily spend hours blog hopping!}. If you’re a frequent Delightfully Noted visitor then this won’t be the first time you’ve heard me mention Frankly Speaking Vintage Greetings; a vintage stationery company with a modern but quirky twist. Well, now we actually get to meet the Frankly Speaking gals, Annie & Julie, who happen to be sister-in-laws {how fun is that?}

{One of my favorite cards at Frankly Speaking Vintage Greetings}
For starters, here’s the story about
Annie & Julie and how their company was born.
When unexpected circumstances bring people together, sometimes they see things they didn’t see before. When similar interests are discussed, and backgrounds seem to compliment and support a rising idea, a new partnership can form. This is (frankly) what happened to two sisters (in-law), Annie and Julie Frank, when they decided to start a new company...“Frankly Speaking Vintage Greetings with Something to Say”.
Annie’s background began in the arts as a teacher and later owned a needlepoint store in Michigan. There she painted quotes onto canvases, and became addicted to collecting quotes. Then, her career as a buyer for a well-known women’s specialty boutique carried her to far away cities. A persistant fascination with vintage photographs and postcards drew her to flea markets in Paris, Amsterdam, and other places. As a collector of vintage images, the next step was to do something with them.
Julie’s interest in art began at an early age when making greeting cards for family members. Later persuing a career in graphic design, projects ranged from cd roms and web design, to flyers, newsletters, and logos. Then motherhood took center stage, but more recent instincts lead back to delight in that old companion, Photoshop, of course! With a renewed interest in vintage photos, Annie’s great collection became an inspiration, and there began our collaboration and our new business.
Living and working now in the Los Angeles area, both Annie and Julie have an interest in bringing together old and new. With vintage images from family and collected sources, they decided the greetings should be fun, after all, and bring an element of surprise and humor, with something modern to say!

{Send a fun and sassy anniversary card to the hubby!}

Where does the inspiration come from for your designs?

We are vintage freaks…love the collecting of photos from another era and putting them together with fun quirky quotes that we also collect

What do you guys enjoy the most about owning your own company?

The best thing about owning our own business is being able to work in our pajamas!!!

Any business mistakes you regret?

Biggest regret is being undercapitalized…we spent most of our money on having a beautiful quality product and it left not much for marketing and pr.

 Is it hard to leave work at work?

We never leave work and launching this business has been a full time thing for more than 2 years now.

What do you guys like to do in your free time?

We love to collect and restore photographs and find those perfect quotes.

{Make a new sleep-deprived mom smile! New Baby cards are also available.}

What goals do you have in store for the future of your business?

Making Frankly Speaking Vintage Greetings a name that everyone knows and associates with this fun and quirky card company that we created. We want people to know that we strive for a product that has that certain elegance and sophistication that aren’t really out there!

We have also started the new division of Belles Visions that we are trying to build…we love working with the art of collages with fabulous vintage photos

Thank you to Annie & Julie for being my first guniea pig interviewees! 

So what are you waiting for? Go check out this fun and unique company now! And guess what?
 Frankly Speaking Vintage Greetings has now gone retail! Yep, that means you can now order their cards on-line. I promise your friends and loved ones will adore receiving one of these sassy cards!


sherri lynn said...

What fun, sassy cards!

Unknown said...

Super fun!! Nice to hear more about the women behind the cards!

henning love said...

those cards are adorable. i love the no hable ingles, haha very cute!! they are very talented

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

Very cute - love finding women-owned businesses like this. Great interview!

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