Round Two:The Weird Things You Can Buy on Etsy...You Don't Want to Miss This!

So today we move onto round two of “15 Things You May Not Have Known You Can Buy on Etsy; the Good, the Weird, and the Cute”. If you missed yesterday’s roundup of the 5  “good” things you can buy you can check it out here. Today I am sharing the “weird” things you can find on the on-line site and let me tell you if you dig deep enough there are some very, very, very strange items in the handmade marketplace. I’m talking so bizarre that I am quite certain Hannibal Lecter may run an Etsy shop. Some things I couldn’t even bring myself to share with y’all. But you know how the saying goes “to each its own” and I believe even weirdos deserve love. So here we go………….

Human Hair

Human Hair Neck Piece from Van Der Glas {All I have to say is for $700 this better fricken be Cleopatra’s hair!}


Uterus Embroidery from Your Organ Grinder {The perfect project for extra credit in sex ed class...darn it, why didn't I think of this?}

Creepy Dolls

Repurposed Vintage Fork Art Doll from Curious Crowd Design {The seller describes him as a “cute little forker” who is always looking for new friends and adventures. In other words, he’s killed off all his other friends and is constantly on the prowl for new victims.  Don't be fooled by this motherforker!}


Guinea Pig Mounted Taxidermy from Torree {I always wondered what happened to my sweet little Cupcake?}

Butt Floss

Dog Butt Floss from Fanimals {Proof that I am a horrible fur mommy! Who the heck knew you were suppose to floss your dog’s butt?}

So there you have it folks; all items you should seriously consider giving the naughty people on your Christmas list this year. Tomorrow I'm wrapping up this mini series with the last five items......cuteness awaits you!


sherri lynn said...

Human hair?! And that doll is seriously creepy!!

Miss Young said...

Oh wow...I don't even think I have the words to respond to this! Thank you for enlightening me. I have to wonder how you found all of these things, it must have taken some creative searching!

Lindsay said...

Yes, that is a little creepy. I won't be buying that doll for my daughters anytime soon. :)

Heather J said...

bahaha! these are CREEP-Y!

Cat said...

What an interesting {and slightly disturbing} round up! Hummmm ... organs? Who know? :) xx Cat

Linda @ theLENNOXX said...

LOL the but floss and the uterus embroidery are both priceless! So funny!!

xox Linda

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

That whole list just made me laugh - I love coming to your site :) but, seriously, that doll (and its owner) are WEIRD.

Regina of Live Delightfully said...

Even weirdos need love and I sure love to avoid them. ;) Well, this is very interesting. And by interesting I mean disturbing. Haha... love your commentary! Great post!

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is that "doll" is seriously creepy! That's like something out of a Halloween horror movie!! I'd probably have nightmares about it coming alive and trying to get me! Haha! I think I'll stick to looking at jewelry on Etsy! Lol!!

Unknown said...

Okay that stuff is seriously weird!!

Kimberly said...

LOL! These things are crazy! You're right all weirdo's need love too though :) haha

Maury @ Life on Mars said...

Wow... seriously? That doll looks like he could be Chuckies' best friend. So creepy.

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