Top Makeup Bargains {Beauty on a Budget!}

How many times have you splurged on your favorite beauty item knowing that your money might possibly have been put to better use on groceries or gas? When I took a leap of faith last December and said good-bye to a nice, comfortable paycheck and started my own business, sacrifice was something I had to learn quickly. The $30 mascara and $60 moisturizers that once made my heart pitter-patter had to be swapped for less expensive but equally as luxurious finds. While I still keep my professional kit stocked with these pricy items, for my own personal use, I’ve spent the past year on a massive hunt for the best and least expensive swaps I could find.

If you asked me the “if you were stranded on a deserted island” question, I would tell you I would be lost without mascara. Once upon I time, I relied solely upon Christian Dior's Diorshow Mascara to give my lashes that “false lash” look. However, with a staggering $28 price tag, I immediately vowed to find a cheaper fix. I found love in the beauty aisle of a CVS pharmacy. Maybelline’s Volume Express Turbo mascara makes me want to say, “hellooooo.. lover”{a la Carrie Brandshaw when when she discovers Manolos}. It’s less than $7 a tube and you can often find sales where Maybelline is buy one get one 50% off or FREE. Now that’s something you can bat an eyelash at!

For quick and easy removal, I’ve also ditched the expensive department store eye makeup remover in exchange for the L’Oreal Waterproof remover. This item runs about $8 at my local drugstore.

Have you been introduced to NARS Orgasm blush or Laguna bronzer? If you’ve been following my blog posts, you read all about the Orgasm multiple stick in my summer makeup post. The geniuses at NARS decided to release a dual compact featuring their best- selling bronzer and their best-selling blush side by side. It is a $40 splurge you will love every penny out of.  Recently, I discovered a replica at The “blushed/bronzed” compact {pictured below}is strikingly similar to the NARS compact, but only $3. That is not a typo. This is a serious steal!

Some other great finds on the e.l.f site are their makeup wipes ($3) and eye makeup remover pads ($1). Long gone are the days you’ll find me shelling out $25 at the MAC counter for a package of makeup wipes!

 Did you read my last blog post about creating an airbrush finish with a stippling brush? While I do find that the $45 (#187) brush from MAC will stand the test of time, if you’re in a pinch e.l.f offers a very similar brush for only $3! It may not last 10 years like a MAC brush, but it gets the job done for a fraction of the price. My last recommendation from the e.l.f website is their $1 hypershinegloss. Not only is it virtually undetectable from the super popular Stila lip glaze, they have also been recognized in top fashion magazines like Allure and Cosmo. For only $1, you have nothing to lose on this lip treat, but a couple of quarters!

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{The Makup Junkie hard at work!}
I have not been paid to promote or advertise any of these product recommendations; these are just some great beauty bargains from one makeup junkie to another!

To all of my fellow recessionistas out there, what beauty splurges have you swapped out for big savings??

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Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Love this post!! I have tried that Christian Dior mascara and if you ate able to spurge its totally worth it!

sherri lynn said...

Oh I love hearing about good beauty buys!

Cat said...

Lovely finds! But ... I just love all of my Urban Decay so much, not sure that I could give it up ;)

♥ Cat brideblu

henning love said...

i love great cheaper finds! i can't spend all my money on make0-up, have to spread it around. i have been seeing a lot of reviews for the elf makeup i will have pick some of that up next time i see it. great post jennifer!

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