7 Fun Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas {Welcome Regina of Live Delightfully}

Hi everyone, I'm Regina. Jennifer and I have been bloggy friends for a few months now and I'm so honored that she asked me to be a guest blogger while she travels around. Just a little background on me: I'm a preacher's wife, I'm a foster mom to the most adorable baby boy ever, I work from home for an online high school, I've been blogging for a few years now and creating things all my life. Crafting is definitely my outlet and is what keeps me sane. I believe in laughter, magic, true love, God, the power of prayer, rainbows and kittens, buying handmade, wishing on shooting stars and helping others. I'm also a Christmas fanatic!!
I know it's tradition for most people to wait until after Thanksgiving to put their Christmas tree and decor up but that's not the tradition in my house. Little known fact: the character Buddy the Elf was actually based on me. ;) I've already got my Christmas tree up. It's partially decorated because I've been a little busy with BB (aka Baby Boy, our new foster baby we just got a couple weeks ago), but it will be fully decorated by this weekend.
I've got part of my Christmas shopping done, and I'm excited to finish the rest of my shopping and start wrapping the presents. Honestly, I LOVE wrapping presents. It's one of my favorite things! (If you need your gifts wrapped, let me know! haha) Now to be honest, in years passed with Christmas present wrapping I've been boring. I've used mainstream wrapping paper and mainstream bows. Last year, I started spicing things up using raffia instead of bows. But this year, something incredible happened. In case you've been living under some rock, this awesome thing called Pinterest came on the tri-dubs. And thanks to Pinterest, I've got some awesome ideas in store for the wrapping of the Christmas gifts this year. I know it's only wrapping, and it just gets shredded off the present BUT, if you think about it, it would make your Christmas tree look awesome with beautifully wrapped presents underneath. That's the theory I'm going with when I have to explain to my husband why I need buttons, twines and doilies for Christmas presents...
And because it's never too early to start collecting things for gift-wrapping, here's a collection of lovely packaging ideas to inspire you to branch out this Christmas and wrap each present with a little extra holiday cheer:
{image via papermash}
Now how simple is this? Take some washi tape, cut it into a banners and tape it onto twine. Simple. Lovely.
{image via Apartment Therapy}
I do have a bit of a problem with using paint samples in crafts. Only because I don't want to have to pay for them later because the paint companies caught on to all of our crafts. But maybe, I'll give in just this once. This would be great on some kids presents.
{image via Everything Etsy}
Another simple one! I actually have some twine and a hole punch! Done and done! But you could also do this with ribbon, add a gift tag or monogram letter. So easy, so fun and such a wonderful way to personalize your packages.
{image via Goodhousekeeing}
Another great idea for wrapping kids presents! Or maybe someone you know with a sweet tooth? Or, if you're like me, you love buying candy canes during Christmas time but then you don't want to eat them all so you're left with all these candy canes and nothing to do with them... problem solved. (Oh and don't worry, the longest I held on to candy canes to put on the Christmas tree is 5 years. They were still in their wrappers, I'm sure they were still good...)
{image via beauty spot}
Great for doilies, also great for snowflakes. You can even recruit your kiddos to help you make snowflakes. :)
{image via Martha Stewart}

I love this idea. Instead of doing those boring gift tag stickers, it would be cute to make monogram letters with their names written on them.
{image via Peppermint Plum}
This is a WONDERFUL idea! I'm looking forward to doing this for my kids class at church and for my nieces and nephews. Filling them with red and green M&Ms... it'll be great!

Lots of awesome ideas huh?!? I'm definitely inspired and looking forward to start wrapping presents soon!


Thanks again to Jennifer for letting me take over her blog for a bit!
Safe travels sweet friend!

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Hilliary Meisner said...

These are such cute ideas! I wish I was better at wrapping presents. I am all about cute gift bags!

Charissa said...

I've seen stitched packages before, but not in such cute shapes! Thanks for sharing the idea.

EvA. . . said...

cute ideas!

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