November's Crush of the Month {It's a Hoot!}

I realize were only a few days into November, however, I neglected to do the “Crush of the Month” series last month and I have to say my theme is pretty suitable for both October and November. So what exactly have I been obsessing over lately? Owls! Let me just say I know I am a little late to join the owl bandwagon but to be quite honest up until recently owls kind of creeped me out. It could have to do with the fact that they can practically spin their heads around. As I mentioned though, I’ve changed my tune lately and I've been on the prowl for some owl decor {I'm particulary smitten with white owls!}to welcome into my home. So here’s a round-up of some pretty fab owl inspiration.

{Figurative Owl Mug from West Elm}

{Mercury Owls from West Elm}

{Curious Owl Necklace from Two Little Doves}

{Owl Magnet from Crow Biz}

{Embroiidered Owl Pillow from West Elm}

{Vinatge Owl Cutting Board from The Vintage Tree House}

{White Owl Salt & Pepper Shakers from Vint Mod}

{Brown Owl Heart Notebook from Made by Rori}

What are you crushing on this month?


Regina of Live Delightfully said...

I totally love owls!! I bought a red ceramic owl last year for myself off Etsy. His name is Owlbert and he is perfectly content living in my office.

I've got some owl designs in the works for my new shop... it's been over a year coming but it'll happen eventually. ;)

Love your post! I'm totally on board with you and your love for owls! :D

sherri lynn said...

I am loving owls too! I just suggested to my sister that she should do owls in her nursery for her baby on the way! And I just made an order at West Elm and totally thought of adding that owl mug to my cart! :)

Denise Pacurar said...

OMG! Lately I have been LOVING owls too and bird cages!!! I guess I have the same crush as you right now!!! The owl mug, salt & pepper shakers and necklace are too too cute!! Love it all and want it all!!

xoxo Denise

Kelly Trepp - Author said...

Have you seen this blog?

All things Owls!

henning love said...

i love owls!! and i love your finds, they are so cute!! hoot hoot

Rori said...

I heart this collection. And I heart this blog! :)

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