4 Ways to Reuse Old Christmas Cards

I know some of you may not want to have this conversation *raising hand* but in a few short days Christmas will be over & it will be time to take down the tree, pack away the holiday decor, & mourn over the five {or ten} seasonal pounds you managed to pack on over a period of two days. 

You are also going to have to deal with all those 
Christmas cards you received but before you throw 
them out or hoard them away in some dusty 
attic consider all the great & easy ways you can reuse them:
  • One of my favorite ways to recycle old greeting cards is to use them as gift tags.  Growing up, this is something my mother always did! Every year after the holidays I pack away some of my favorite seasonal cards in my gift wrap storage bin, that way the following year I don't have to scrounge for them when I am wrapping gifts. Just cut & trash the backs of the cards off, then hole punch and place pretty ribbon through the front of the card. Wallah! Inexpensive & practical gift tags! 
  • Some holiday cards are so beautiful they are like pieces of art work. Save your favorite cards for the following year & you'll have free Christmas decor! Frame & use them to decorate walls or mantles. You can also use them as picture mattes to display some of your own personal family photos.
  • Love DIY projects? Get your creative juices flowing & create crafts out of your greeting cards. Think ornaments, small gift boxes, or even journals! 
  • Start your year off in a charitable way & donate! That's right, you can send all your holiday cards to the St. Jude's Ranch for Children, a safe home for abused & neglected children. Their Recycled Card Program has been running for over thirty years & the kids reuse the cards to make & sell new cards. You can check out more information here.  

Do you have any cool ways you reuse your greeting cards?


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henning love said...

ok sending my cards to st. jude's thank you for letting me know they can go somewhere positive instead of throwing them in the trash, thank you thank you!

Unknown said...

Such a smart idea! I love this.


mens bracelets said...

Its really a great idea of reusing the christmas cards.I will definately try this for this christmas.

Unknown said...

I love making gift tags from cards! How cool that your mom has been doing it for years! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Cat said...

What awesome ideas! I always end up wondering what to do with all the Christmas cards once the holiday is over :) Oh ... and I had to giggle a bit because hubs and I (for shame) did pick up about 5 pounds each during the festivities this season (darn those Christmas cookies!).

Hope you had an awesome Christmas!

xx Cat

Shan said...

My Grandma used to use old Christmas Cards to make little jewelry boxes. These are all great ideas that I will surely use. Thanks so much for sharing!! :)

A To Zebra Celebrations said...

great ideas!!! love it!

Linda said...

I love your ideas for old Christmas cards. I would be happy if you would make a link at my Show It Off Thursdays party at:


Thanks, Linda

Linda said...

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jayshree bhagat said...

this use of Christmas Cards is a great idea...will try doing t

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