Friday's Dose of Delight & Government's Failure to Issue Proper Warnings on Wine Bottles

Word up, it’s Friday! Actually, I am writing this Thursday evening and I am sitting here wondering why the government refuses to issue a warning on bottles of wine that drinking on the job {aka working on Delightfully Noted orders} is not recommended?  Seriously, they tell us all about how alcoholic beverages can impair your ability to drive and operate machinery but why not a little heads up on the fact that it can also cause you to work your way half way through a personalized gift tag order before you realize you accidentally inserted your own last name on the tag instead of your customer’s. Geez, thanks a lot government.

Well, before I do any more damage I say we get on with 
this week’s Dose of Delight!

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This guest post by Arianne Foulkes over at the Oh My Handmade Goodness blog couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.  My blog/biz inbox was begging for some attention but once I returned from my vacay it was seriously borderline obese. Thanks to all of Arianne's tips I was able to clear my inbox from 300 emails down to 12. High five to that!

Love, love, love this color! Seriously, if my MIL ever learns how to log onto a computer and actually read my blog then she would know this Essie Nail Polish would be perfect for my stocking!

 There you have it, all the things that have caught my eye this week!\
Hope you have a delightful weekend!


Unknown said...

It sounds like grounds for a lawsuit if you ask me! Have a great weekend!

henning love said...

ah that color is so awesome! how come i haven't discovered it yet?? whats your MIL's email address? i'll be an elf

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