Digit Décor: How to Style a Party with Numbers

Sometimes in the midst of brainstorming centerpieces or party themes we forget about the simplicity and natural fun that numbers can bring to any special occasion. I love the idea of adding numeral party décor to announce a child’s age or the number of years a couple has been married. There are countless ways {ha ha get it? countless?} to incorporate the theme of digits into your event; from sweet edibles, to table numbers, to candles; whatever it may be there is a guarantee your guests will be impressed. Here are a few of my favorite examples!

Party Decor Numbers
DIY Number Candle by Olivet, Wooden Block Number Décor by Style Me Gorgeous, Number-themed Cupcakes and Ice Cubes by Martha Stewart, & DIY Hole Punched Tin Table Numbers by Project Wedding

 I’d love to hear how you would incorporate
numbers into your celebration?

The Royal Wedding: Princess for the Day

Do you have royal wedding fever? You are probably not alone. With all the hoopla surrounding the royal wedding I have often thought to myself {yes, this is a question that keeps me up at night} what wedding present is befitting for a future king and queen? What do you get a couple that seems to have everything? Thankfully my invitation was lost in the mail, so no need for me to truly fret over gift shopping for Wills and Kat. Of course, all of their guest can take a sigh of relief now because the couple has announced they have set up a charity-wedding list in lieu of a gift registry. However, I thought it would be fun to play princess for the day and share with you what my royal wedding registry would look like. I’m warning you I have indulged; after all I am the bride!

royal wedding gifts
Price tag:3,000 British pounds or $4954.50 US dollars
Mailmason Butter Dish from Christofle
Price tag:$780.00
Price tag:$1,525.00
Price tag:$150.00 for a set of 4

royal bedroom
Atlas Frame from Tiffany & Co
Price tag:$415.00
Price tag:$775.00
Lace Trimmed Sheets from Neiman Marcus
Price tag:$359.00
Cotton Eiderdown Pillow from St. Geneve
Price tag:expect to pay around $2,000.00

royal bathroom

Price tag:$375.00
Price tag:$279.99 for 18 piece towel set
Brighton Bath Rugs from Neiman Marcus
Price tag:$265.00
Price tag:$1500.00

Now it’s your turn to indulge! What item would be on your royal wedding registry?

Teacher’s Appreciation Week: Corkboard Flowerpot

Teacher’s Appreciation Week starts on May 2nd and I wanted to create something that would be both practical and fun for your kiddos to give as a gift to their favorite educator. I love the idea of these corkboard flowerpots because teachers can use them for a variety of things. For example, perhaps the teacher is a plant killer like myself. No worries, this box would also make for a great organizer for all those classroom craft supplies that teachers tend to collect. The best part is they can pin reminders, pictures, or other favorite notes to the corkboard box and have their very own bulletin center right there on their desk!
DIY gift ideas for teachersYou’ll need:
  • Small plant or flower arrangement
  • Roll of self-adhesive cork paper
  • Small wooden box
  • Flat head push pin
  • 2 pieces of colored or patterned paper scraps
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Pencil
diy corkboard ideas
1. Measure how much cork paper you’ll need by placing the wooden box on the edge of the paper and then wrap all 4 sides until the paper meets. Mark the measurements with a pencil and trim any excess paper.
2. Remove the backing from the self-adhesive cork paper and apply to the box. You’ll want to wrap the paper tightly around the box, however, pull gently since cork paper is easy to tear.
3. Place your flower arrangement or plant inside the box.
DIY scrapbook flowersNow we’re going to make the cute floral push pin!
4.  Trim and round off the corners of the paper you would like to use for the bloom.
5.  Your scrap paper should resemble a circle but don’t worry about making it perfect.
6.  Starting on the edge of the paper take your scissors and start cutting a spiral design working your way into the center of the paper.
DIY paper flowers
7. Take the spiral cut paper and place it pattern down. You’ll want to slightly fold the edges of the paper back. Once again, no need to be perfect.
8. Turn the paper over, take one end of the scrap paper and start rolling. You want to keep it pretty tight as your are rolling and once you reach the end you’ll see that little flap that was sitting in the center of your paper. Use your glue gun and dab some glue on that flap and adhere to the bottom of your rolled flower.
9.  Cut out 2 leaf shaped designs from your 2nd sheet of paper and glue to the back of your flower. Now stick that baby to your flat head push pin with a little bit more glue and you have yourself an adorable push pin!
All that’s left to do is handwrite or print off a little note and pin it to the flowerpot! I hope you enjoyed my first tutorial!
teacher appreciation gift ideas diy

**Since this posted I have had a few people inquire about the wooden box and where I found it at.  I picked the box up at Jo-Ann Fabrics.  Hope that helps!
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