Love Map Wall Art {DIY Wedding Gift}

I love the idea of giving newlyweds a wedding gift that is unique, personal, and something you hope they’ll cherish a lot longer than their Dyson vacuum cleaner! One of my co-workers/friends got married last weekend and I wanted to make something extra special for and her new hubz.  I remembered awhile back there was this really clever piece of wall art from Minimoz floating around the blogosphere.  I was definitely inspired and came up with this………

Want to make one of your own? Here’s what you’ll need:
DIY 3D Craft Heart Accents {I found mine at Michael’s in the wall decal section.  Small wooden shaped hearts would work well too.}
Mod Podge Gloss
1 Sheet of colored cardstock {for your matte}
1 Sheet of colored paper {for your wording}
Craft glue
Picture frame {mine was an 8 x10}
Old Atlas or print off maps on Google

To begin, using your heart accent or template, trace and cut out three hearts from your maps.  Focusing on cities that are sentimental to the couple. For example, I centered my hearts around the cities in which my friend and her hubby first met, got married, and where they just bought their first home.
Take your sponge and start applying Mod Podge Gloss to the front of your 3D heart accents.  Place your cut out heart shaped maps on top. Cover your maps with Modge Podge as well. The adhesive will dry clear.

Once your hearts are dry, you will want to center and adhere them to the front of your cardstock with either glue or adhesive foam squares.  Then print or write out your heart titles on some colored paper.  Trim around your titles and glue to your artwork.  Remove the glass from your picture frame, insert your artwork, replace the backing and your done! Easy peasy, right?


When Crafts Go Wrong.............

There are times in a crafter’s life when projects go wrong and when they do there is only one thing you can do to save yourself from a DIY mental melt down…poke fun at yourself! I figured today I would take the time to share a few of my crafty mishaps. Remember VH1’s Behind the Music? Well, this is like Behind the Crafts, only unlike the TV series, my profanity and abuse against these projects wasn’t videotaped. Just use your imagination.

Literally, this craft really was going to the dogs! I wanted to create a treat canister for Sianna and Brylee and the project started off great until I realized dogs have 4 “toes” or foot pads or whatever you call that part of a dog’s anatomy! This is when things went downhill….when I removed the “toe” labels to allow room for a 4th “toe” it destroyed the paint. I had peeled and bubbly color everywhere {I know it is difficult to tell from the pic but I promise it is a hot mess!}. I should have just accepted a 3 “toe” dog and moved on.  

Later I discovered the lid was stuck…yep, I put it back on too soon! The paint hadn’t dried yet. Call me vain but I can't face this imperfect treat canister every time I give my dogs a treat. "Good girl" will have to do for now.  Kidding.....I once read about a Yorkie who ate her owner's toe. Just think...all Fluffy wanted was a darn treat. I would like to keep all my toes. Thankyouverymuch. By now you probably think I am obsessed with toes, human toes...but I promise this is just a strange coincidence.

I was super excited when I discovered this gorgeous wrapping paper from Paper Source.  My idea was to add some bird decals to the wrapping paper, frame it, and place it in my “studio”. I picked up a white frame from Hobby Lobby, brought it home,  and while trying to bend back all those obnoxious metal tabs {that break your nails!} on the back,  the glass slipped and cracked into pieces. Now multiply that story times three. That’s right people! I returned to Hobby Lobby two more times and each time I brought that frame home the darn thing broke again!  Now I have three glasseless frames and torn wrapping paper. Remember at the beginning when I said use your imagination about profanity and craft abuse? Well, this would be one of those times.

There once was a girl who covered a “B” in moss. End of story. Okay, so maybe this isn’t exactly a craft gone wrong it is just a craft that went no where.  My original plan was to slip satin ribbon through it and hang it somewhere but it looked silly and lonely. So if anyone has any ideas on reviving this thing I’d appreciate hearing them. I mean it would totally make up for all the time I spent on cleaning moss up from my living room floor.

Have you had any projects go awry on your lately?

We Have a Winner! Intentionally Me Necklace Giveaway

Guess what lovelies? We have a winner!
Super, BIG, congrats to Meg of Henning Love! 

You lucky gal! You won yourself a personalized hand stamped necklace from the fabulous Intentionally Me. I’ll make sure the two of you connect so you can receive your prize.
Thanks to everyone who participated! It was a lot of fun and I highly recommend you keep Intentionally Me in mind now that Christmas is just around the corner {gasp!} She has a lot of beautiful gift ideas that I know your friends and family will love!


14 Repurposed Ikea Projects {Ikea Hacks}

Bättrar på sin skönhet! There is nothing like a good makeover especially when it involves good ’ol Ikea. I love seeing all the creative ways people repurpose the Swedish retailer’s line of furniture and accessories. The best part about transforming items from Ikea is that most items are pretty inexpensive so if the project goes haywire it doesn’t exactly leave you curled up in the fetal position, sobbing into your kitchen floor {in most cases}. Here’s some of my favorite Ikea transformations {including a few from yours truly}! Click the links to read all about the makeovers and in most cases to see these beauties in their original state.

{Via House of Hepworths This is using Ikea outdoor decking!}

{Via Whorange}

{Via Whorange}

{Via Crafty Nest Uses an Ikea Lazy Susan & a plant stand; clever!}

 {Via Crafty Nest Another project made from an Ikea Lazy Susan!}

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Friday's Dose of Delight {Apple Cinnamon Rolls}

Before we get started let me shout from the rooftops how much I can't stand Blogger.  Wrote today's Dose of Delight last night and go to publish this morning and half of my post is missing.  I don't have time to revise so bear with me!

Happy Friday pals! I want to give one last friendly reminder that the Intentionally Me Personalized Hand Stamped Necklace ends Monday.  If you haven’t entered yet, your crazy! Submit entries here.
Now onto this Friday’s Dose of Delight

Apple Cinnamon Rolls with Caremal Frosting {Chef in Training}
Tell me your mouth is not watering looking at this ooey-gooey cinnamon piece of heaven. As far as I am concerned, Nikki, aka Chef in Training, should be president of the United States! This yummy recipe is part of the Imrov Cooking Challenge that The Lady Behind the Curtain is throwing. The challenge is to create a dish out of the 2 ingredients assigned to you. This month’s ingredients were apples and caramel. Perhaps, you’ve seen this challenge posted throughout blogland but if not I highly recommend checking out all participant’s dishes {just not on an empty stomach!} See fab recipes here!

Oh, look at that no #2! Thanks Blogger.
Hope you all have a delightful weekend! I am off to Florida again for work but before I leave I'll be enjoying a haunted house and a neighborhood lobster fest!! Yay!

What are your plans for the weekend?


Simple Fall Centerpiece Using Branches

This is a story about how I dragged a ten-foot tree down the block.  Kidding, but by the looks of my neighbors and the FedEx man driving by you’d think I did!  I had been on a "branch hunt" for a few weeks. I love the natural look of adding branches to fall decor. One day while walking my little Brylee I finally found the perfect branch at the school park near our house. It didn’t look that big but once I started walking home with it I seriously felt like the thing was 10 feet long and the crazy looks my neighbors gave as they drove by confirmed that. In reality, the thing was only about 2.5 feet tall but I guess people couldn’t understand why I was walking around with a small tree. Ahhhh…. the things we’ll do for a craft project! 

I spray painted my little find a deep chocolate brown and placed it in a “fallish” gold vase that I picked up for a steal at Home Goods.  I found some acorn and emerald green ornaments at Hobby Lobby and strung them from a few of the small branches. 

The first thing the hubby said when he saw it was “Why do you have a Christmas tree up?” Then our neighbor came over a few days later and commented, “You already have a Christmas tree up!”  Seriously, this is why men can’t continue to rule the world.

PS. Have you entered the Intentionally Me giveaway yet? Submit your entries now for your chance at winning a personalized hand stamped necklace! Enter here.

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2012 Desk Calendars

One of the main projects that I worked on last week for the shop was the new 2012 desk calendar.  Believe it or not, finding inspiration and designing for twelve months is an exhausting task, however, in the end it is all worth it! The calendars are now available at Delightfully Noted.

The calendars include a flip back cd easel for easy display and are the perfect way to dress up your desk.

Twelve delightful months featuring exclusive Delightfully Noted designs.

Which month is your favorite?

For a limited time I’m offering a special discount on the 2012 calendars. Enter coupon code "2012delight" at checkout to receive 15% off.  These calendars make for terrific stocking stuffers or gifts for co-workers. 

Available here.

PS. If you haven't entered the Intentionally Me Personalized Necklace giveaway yet make sure to do so!  Submit entries here.

Personalized Hand Stamped Necklace Giveaway with Intentionally Me

Happy Tuesday everyone! I’m excited to be back after my weeklong hiatus but you want to know what I am even more ecstatic about? GIVEAWAYS! I’m beyond thrilled that Intentionally Me, a shop that offers unique, custom jewelry, is here today to sponsor a giveaway exclusively for all you DN peeps.

This lovely shop, owned by the ever-so-kind Nayeli, offers a wide selection of beautiful personalized jewelry. She has everything from birthstone necklaces to sterling silver toggle bracelets. Well, today is your lucky day because Nayeli is offering you a chance at winning your own personalized hand stamped necklace!

{Giveaway: Win your own Personalized Hand Stamped Necklace!}

This beauty features a sterling silver washer that can be hand stamped with up to 4 names or personalize your necklace with a short quote or saying {space permitting}.

{Let me tell you it is much easier to photograph stationery than it is jewelry!}

I received my necklace last week and am absolutely head over heels in love with it! I had the famous Dean Martin song title “That’s amore” stamped onto my necklace. It was a song that my late Italian grandfather use to always sing to my grandmother as he would sneak up behind her while she was washing dishes. It always reminds me of my childhood.  My birthstone along with my husbands hangs in the middle of the charm.

{Excuse the picture.....this was taken literally minutes after
spending 5 hours in the car traveling for work!}

I’ve worn my necklace everyday since I got it.  I am a huge fan of sterling silver and you can tell Nayeli puts a lot of love into her work.  One of my favorite things about the necklace besides the fact that it is high quality and unique to me is the length of the chain; it’s perfect! So many times I waste money on necklaces only for the charm to sit and hide under the top of my shirt. I can tell you this necklace has quickly became one of my faves!

So here's the 8 easy ways to enter! The more you do the better your chances of winning! Please leave a comment for each individual entry.

Required Entry
    1. Visit Intentionally Me and leave a comment below on what your favorite item is in the shop.
    Additional entries: {Make sure to leave a seperate comment for each entry!}
    2. Become a fan of Intentionally Me on Facebook .  Say “hi” while you there and let her know you were sent by Delightfully Noted!
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    *Please be sure to leave a way for me to contact you in your comment if you post anonymously!! *Your comment is your entry so don't forget to leave it!
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Top Makeup Bargains {Beauty on a Budget!}

How many times have you splurged on your favorite beauty item knowing that your money might possibly have been put to better use on groceries or gas? When I took a leap of faith last December and said good-bye to a nice, comfortable paycheck and started my own business, sacrifice was something I had to learn quickly. The $30 mascara and $60 moisturizers that once made my heart pitter-patter had to be swapped for less expensive but equally as luxurious finds. While I still keep my professional kit stocked with these pricy items, for my own personal use, I’ve spent the past year on a massive hunt for the best and least expensive swaps I could find.

If you asked me the “if you were stranded on a deserted island” question, I would tell you I would be lost without mascara. Once upon I time, I relied solely upon Christian Dior's Diorshow Mascara to give my lashes that “false lash” look. However, with a staggering $28 price tag, I immediately vowed to find a cheaper fix. I found love in the beauty aisle of a CVS pharmacy. Maybelline’s Volume Express Turbo mascara makes me want to say, “hellooooo.. lover”{a la Carrie Brandshaw when when she discovers Manolos}. It’s less than $7 a tube and you can often find sales where Maybelline is buy one get one 50% off or FREE. Now that’s something you can bat an eyelash at!

For quick and easy removal, I’ve also ditched the expensive department store eye makeup remover in exchange for the L’Oreal Waterproof remover. This item runs about $8 at my local drugstore.

Have you been introduced to NARS Orgasm blush or Laguna bronzer? If you’ve been following my blog posts, you read all about the Orgasm multiple stick in my summer makeup post. The geniuses at NARS decided to release a dual compact featuring their best- selling bronzer and their best-selling blush side by side. It is a $40 splurge you will love every penny out of.  Recently, I discovered a replica at The “blushed/bronzed” compact {pictured below}is strikingly similar to the NARS compact, but only $3. That is not a typo. This is a serious steal!

Some other great finds on the e.l.f site are their makeup wipes ($3) and eye makeup remover pads ($1). Long gone are the days you’ll find me shelling out $25 at the MAC counter for a package of makeup wipes!

 Did you read my last blog post about creating an airbrush finish with a stippling brush? While I do find that the $45 (#187) brush from MAC will stand the test of time, if you’re in a pinch e.l.f offers a very similar brush for only $3! It may not last 10 years like a MAC brush, but it gets the job done for a fraction of the price. My last recommendation from the e.l.f website is their $1 hypershinegloss. Not only is it virtually undetectable from the super popular Stila lip glaze, they have also been recognized in top fashion magazines like Allure and Cosmo. For only $1, you have nothing to lose on this lip treat, but a couple of quarters!

Until next time, keep up to date on all my latest tips and tricks on my Facebook

{The Makup Junkie hard at work!}
I have not been paid to promote or advertise any of these product recommendations; these are just some great beauty bargains from one makeup junkie to another!

To all of my fellow recessionistas out there, what beauty splurges have you swapped out for big savings??

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