12 in 2012: Goal List

In case you missed it yesterday I spoke about why I hate to make New Year's resolutions & yet here I am today about to share my New Year's resolutions. Don't worry I understand your confusion. 

Actually I'm participating with Regina of Live Delightfully on her 12 in 2012 project in which we work on 12 various goals that we'd like to accomplish in the year of 2012.  
Why did I agree to do this despite my strong opposition to New Year's resolutions? 
Truth is, Regina payed me.  Like big bucks. 

Honestly, I felt that since this is my first year in the blogging world that I actually may be able to stick it through & really accomplish some of my goals.  
Blogging definitely makes you more accountable! I'd hate to report back that I've accomplished nothing.
So without further ado, here is my list: 
{I've combined my list to include both personal & business related goals}

-Buy more handmade {I love supporting my fellow Etisians!}

-Create a better skin care regimen for myself {Inspired by Lindsay of Delighted Momma! If you aren't familiar with her then you are missing out. She's a gorgeous aesthetician who shares a lot of natural skin tips.}

-Remodel that dreadfully awful, ugly family room fireplace {I can't stand staring at you anymore. And stop staring back!}

-Lose 5lbs by March 31st {wouldn't it be great one year to say my goal is to GAIN weight?!}

-Read the full "Twilight" series & then watch all the movies {Look people I don't expect this goal to be a life altering experience but I am taking this for what it is.  I've always wanted to read a full series and watch the movies along the way & yes, I know I'm a little late to this game}

-Organize all of our home's closets 
{I have lots of "Monica closets"}

-Create & initiate a frequent buyer discount program for customers who return to Delightfully Noted 
{I love my regulars!}

-Design & introduce a new stationery line 
{I can't share all my secrets!}

-Start a Delightfully Noted newsletter

-Organize all of our digital photos
{Anyone have tips for this one? }

-Prioritize my time better {Between a full time job & my shop I'm always working! All work & no play=a very spazzy, psycho wife}

-Find a charity that I would like to assist & volunteer for.

There you have my 12 in 2012! Again, if you'd like to join you can learn more about this project here.


Unknown said...

Those are some wonderful goals! I don't have any tips but to say be careful with the digital pictures because we have had 2 hard drives and 2 external hard drives FAIL :(

Lindsay said...

What a great list! You can totally achieve these!

Ashley said...

great list girl!!

Kimberly said...

Great goals!! I have a lot of the same. And yea, maybe one year it will be to gain weight! haha
Can't wait to see the stuff you do this year!

sherri lynn said...

These are great goals! Posting them on your blog definitely does hold you more accountable - I love that! I hope that you show us a before and after of your fireplace :)

henning love said...

i think goals are much better than resolutions!! just stop resoluting yourself to doing something and just do it! like nike says JUST DO IT!

Sarah said...

I think these are great goals and very approachable!

Anonymous said...

Those are all really great goals Jennifer! It sounds like you have a lot of plans for your business! I hope it all goes really well for you! You deserve it!! :)

As far as organizing pictures, I'm still figuring that one out myself! I have sort of a system that works, but there can definitely be a lot of overlap. I keep all my personal pics divided by year, then category (friends, family, me & my bf, etc). Then I have a folder just for my blog. There are probably 15 different folders in there based on what kind of picture it is (knitting/crochet, design elements, fashion, tutorials, general, etc). Anyway, that's how I do it, so maybe that will help you a little? My computer also has a picture organizer where you can tag people and events and such, but I haven't gotten around to trying that. Good luck with it! I know organizing pictures can be a daunting task!!

Regina of Live Delightfully said...

FanTABulous!! You've got some awesome goals there! I'm making it my own goal to buy most presents this year on Etsy. Which is going to mean a lot of planning and budgeting on my part, but it will be great!

Yes, I agree, Lindsay is awesome!

When you start reading the Twilight series, will you update us on your progress and thoughts? I *love* the books (the movies are fine, but of course they can't really compare to the books) and want to hear what you think of them as you read. :)

Okay, I'm excited! That's a great list and I look forward to reading about your progress! :)

Elle Sees said...

I do a resolution each month! This is my second year doing it and it really works. i can wait to hear what happens with yours.

Brianna Stafford said...

As far as organizing pictures, the best free program I have found is Googles' Picasa. It does face/people albums all on its own. Also you can tag places. It walso has a way to share online. Happy New year's resolutions.

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