16 Candles & Then Some

Happy 2012! 
Did you have a good time ringing in the New Year? 

You are mistaken if you believe the holidays are over my friends because today I am celebrating my BIRRRTHday! As I reflect back on my, ahem, sixteen-plus years there are times that I doubt I've learned anything {like driving through our garage a few years ago} & then there are those times when I marvel at how far I have come {like owning my own business}. I know, mostly for women, there are doubts & fears about growing older but for me one of the plus sides of blowing out birthday candles is that little fact that every year you become more & more "unapologetically" you. 

I've learned in my sixteen-plus years that it's okay...............

*that I'll never be a morning person.  Eventually, after some time, your loved ones will grant you a lifetime pass &  start to ignore all the vulgar insults & two-year old tantrums you throw while half-comatose. Either that or they just start to fear for their lives.

*to be a grown adult & still want your mommy when your heads hanging over the porcelain god. {Thank you stomach flu for so graciously welcoming me into 2012 and no that's not code for "hangover"}.

*to be 16-plus year old & still have no idea what you want to be when you grow up.

*to never know how the hell to fold a fitted sheet.

*to only shave your legs in the winter for special occasions....like an invitation to the White House.

*to love your pets sometimes more than you love people.

*to let go of the life you planned because sometimes not being in control is one of the most beautiful things in the world


Unknown said...

•.¸¸.•°˚ˆ*∗¸¸.•Happy Birthday•.¸¸.•°˚ˆ*∗¸¸.•

Kimberly said...

Happy birthday!! Hope this is your best year yet!
Ps I love what you said about being a morning person. I am the exact same way! Lol

Janet said...

Happy Birthday Dear Loved One. 56 years and still can't get the fitted sheet fold. I have learned that a wadded up sheet still goes on the bed ok. :)

Meghan said...

Happy B-day! I hear ya on the shaving the legs. Right now I could pick my own Xmas tree from the forrest on my legs...ew!

Heather J said...

happy, happy birthday lady! love the list...so true!

Tonii said...

Happy happy Birthday!! You are so awesome...could the shaving your legs in winter be more true?! I am so glad you are feeling better and hope you get spoiled rotten on your special day!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating!!

Regina of Live Delightfully said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you had a wonderful birthday! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy happy birthday Jennifer! I hope you had an awesome day!! And I completely agree with that last one. Sometimes letting go of those expectations leads to bigger and better things! I hope 2012 brings you such joy and happiness! :)

Ashley said...

happy late birthday girl!!!

Oshi said...

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