Valentine Centerpiece using Branches

 Remember that time I dragged a small tree down the street all in the name of fall decorating?  Trust me, the FedEx man remembers. I'm pretty sure that's why he never hangs around after dropping off boxes on my porch. He just rings the door bell & runs. It's like he'll do anything to get away from the crazy tree girl. Any who, I'm happy to say my little centerpiece of branches has become quite versatile through the different seasons & holidaysA matter of fact now it's a sweetheart tree.
{Glitter Heart Ornaments-Hobby Lobby}

Do you do a lot of Valentine decorating in your home?


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Unknown said...

I really wanted to do more decorating for Valentine's Day but just haven't found the time! Your centerpiece looks great even if the FedEx man is a scaredy cat!

Tonii said...

He he...I can totally picture it! But it was well worth it, that centerpiece is darling! I am making a bunch of stuff this year...I will blog it if any of it actually turns out ;)

Love Sweet Love said...

Eeeeek! I SO love it! I definitely do a lot of Valentine decorating...I'm starting to think I have some wired sickness. Oh well! :)

Nathalie ( said...

LOL! I'm picturing you with your branch..... Priceless!
and your neighbors suspiciously watching your every move, while the FedEx man carefully avoids eye contact... :)
I have the same tendency of bringing home things I find outside (Poor hubby has to put up with it...).
One good thing though is that we jog at 6:00am every morning (ok, almost every morning...sigh).
At that hour not many people is around to see me pick-up things from the ground :) Plus I have also found some of by best "curbside freebies" at dawn... the latest one being an old printer's rack in perfect shape... Booya!!!
A girl's got to find motivation wherever she can to go jog in the cold morning :)

Nathalie ( said...

P.S your Valentine's branch is the cutest thing!

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