Valentine's 2012 Collection & The Cutest Inspiration Ever!

The 2012 Delightfully Noted Valentine's collection is here. It's hard to believe we have to switch from Christmas mode to Valentine's mode so quickly but hey that's retail for ya!

Inspired by this little guy!
Isn't he cutie? This is my nephew & he's going to be our ticket to fame some day. Seriously, I've never seen a kid love music more than he does. 
That guitar goes EVERYWHERE with him.
Thanks to him he helped me come up with the Rock Star themed Valentine's idea. 
I'm sure he'll be looking for his paycheck soon.

View full Valentine's collection here

Speaking of holidays, am I the only one who has been too lazy to put away the Christmas decorations?  I guess the stomach flu gave me some what of a pass but I am seriously thinking of adding a "holiday packer" to my list of people I would pay to do my work for me. 
Along with someone to put away my laundry. 
And someone to change my bed sheets.
And someone to fill my gas tank.
Wow, my list is getting quite long!


Tonii said...

Oh man...those rockstar valentines are TOO cute! You are so talented.

Lindsay said...

These are so fun! You are pretty talented, thanks for sharing! I may have to snag those cute ladybug ones!

Unknown said...

So cute! My daughter had ladybugs as her bedroom "theme" when she was a baby!

Val said...

Super adorable on all levels.

Unknown said...

What a cute kid ♥♥♥ I LOVE all the Valentines!

Anonymous said...

Wow! So cute! Actually I was pretty surprised to see all the Valentines day stuff in the grocery store this week! As soon as one holiday is over they move on to the next one!

And thanks for offering your advice on opening an Etsy shop! I'll probably send you an email later with some questions if that's ok? Thanks again! :)

Hollie Ann said...

these are ADORABLE!!!! great job :)

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