DIY Personalized Lap Desk for Kids

So my first attempt at cutting vinyl with the Silhouette Cameo {aka Miss Cameo} was for this personalized lap top project for my niece's birthday.  
You may remember a few weeks ago I shared the handmade earrings & jewelry card that I created for her. Well, during Christmas, Santa brought her a lap top which I happen to know she was wishing for only because I came across her note to him while "accidentally" eating some of the cookies she had left out for him. Don't judge. Any who, I thought a personalized lap desk would be a great birthday gift to go along with her new computer.

I found this perfectly pink & girlish one at Hobby Lobby.
  After downloading a butterfly graphic from the Silhouette store I created my design on my computer & then had Miss Cameo do the printing and cutting of the vinyl. Then all that was left to do was to adhere the vinyl to the lap desk {I make this sound so simple but truthfully this was the first time I used my Silhouette & this creation was after I spent 4 hours & a lot of wine trying to figure things out...perhaps, the wine could have something to with it taking 4 hours BUT again there you go with that judging thing!}.
Even if you don't have an electric cutter you can still do this project!  There are plenty of vinyl sellers on Etsy that you can purchase personalized names or words from. I told you before I got your back!

I still plan on sharing a tutorial with tips & things I've learned on how to cut vinyl but right now it pains me to think of that night. So stay tuned.

Speaking of personalized things anyone remember the first personalized item they received as young kiddo? 
Mine was a little ballerina jewelry box!


Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

So so cute! Love the little butterfly :)

Regina of Live Delightfully said...

You're a great aunt! That's super cute!

I remember getting some personalized stationary from my uncle one year for my birthday. It was lovely and made me feel so grown-up. I've been madly in love with stationery every since. ;)

Elle Sees said...

This turned out so well!

Unknown said...

Cute! That was so sweet of you. I just saw someone else post about using lap desks for traveling in the car!

sherri lynn said...

So cute! It looks perfect! I LOVE personalized stuff when I was little. I think my favorite was a huge stack of Tweety bird notepads with my name on each page :)

Michelle Paige said...

Yes, all the Silhoutte cutting projects take me 'forever' to figure out! I sure love them when they're done! Yours is beautiful!

henning love said...

this is so cute!! what a great idea for little children. i remember having these as a kid

Marionberry Style said...

Wow. Such a beautiful and thoughtful DIY. What a lucky neice :-)

Oh, and Hobby Lobby is the best! I could spend hours there :-)
XO - Marion

Love Sweet Love said...

Awwww, that's so cute she's going to love it!! And I hear ya with the cutting vinyl thing...blah.

Nathalie said...

so cute!! your niece is one lucky little girl :)
Miss Cameo is getting less and less attractive to me (which could be a blessing!!! LOL).

The Fashion Philosophy said...

SUCH a great idea! Love this DIY! Your blog is awesome!

ox from NYC!

D said...

That turned out so cute! Love it!

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