Belize:Vacay Series Continued....

If you remember the whole point of me blogging about our November vacay was so that when the hubby & I become old farts & our memory is getting the best of us my little bloggity-blog will serve as somewhat of a journal for us. Of course, here we are months later since my first part of the vacay series & my memory of this trip has already started to slip away. So before I forget anymore, today I wanted to share our first cruise stop, Belize.
{I love this picture of their immigration office. Not only because the color of the hut is so vibrant but because it makes me laugh. I wonder if there is a whole staff squeezed in there?}

First, boys & girls a little geography lesson. This country is located on the northeastern coast of Central America. The thing that struck interesting to me is that Belize is the only English speaking country in Central America. Phew! Had I managed to stray away from my tour group & get lost at least I'd be able to ask a native where the bathrooms were at! Well there, we decided to visit one of the most popular Mayan ruins in Belize, called Xunantunich. The ruins were about a two hour busride from our docking port. So along the way I took in all the sites this country has to offer {get ready for a little, itty-bitty picture overload}. 
Of course, I had to take pics of their craft markets!
Could use a little fixin up, eh? A high percentage of Belize's population lives in poverty but with that being said they were the kindest people ever.

Another craft market. Look at all those vibrant colors!
Talk about one of the worst jobs in the world! In order to cross the river you have to be taxied over by this little ferry that is cranked by a man all day long.
I would have been fired in five minutes. No arm strength here.
Belize's national flower, the Black Orchid. I know the heat melted liked half of my brain cells that day but I'm pretty sure that flower isn't black at all.
And now for the Mayan ruins. It is spectacular to see
something that dates back as far as 200 AD. Honestly, I wish I could tell you more but much to my husband's dismay I zoned out pretty much the whole time we were touring this historical site. I become a like a childish zombie in high humidity so well the rest of the tour group was focused & learning I stood in the back looking something like this. Only with frizzier hair & I looked much more faintish.
Image soure here.

And then we carefully made our way to the top of the ruins to enjoy some panoramic views of Belize & the Guatemala border. Which meant I had to snap out of my humidity coma.
I was just happy that I made it all the way to the top & back down with out falling off the side of the temple. Which isn't really that far fetch considering my history of clumsiness.
On our way back to the port we stopped for a delicious Belizian lunch & took a few more pics of the sites from our bus ride.
I thought this candy colored apartment building would be a fun place to live!
As long as it had AC!

Belize was such an interesting place to see but I have to admit their winter {yes, I said winter} heat & humidity was really getting to me. So I was excited when it was time to hop back on the ship & head to our next destination, Honduras!

Stay tuned.....

Anyone else ever been to Central America before?

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Grammy Goodwill said...

Well, darn. I missed all of this when we were in Belize. We took a cruise in November to the Panama Canal. I didn't know about the Mayan ruins. That would have been awesome to see.

Tonii said...

Wow! Belize looks amazing!! I have never been there but those ruins are incredible. And I love that cute little apt building, reminds me of the house from the UP movie :) Great pics too!

Belle de Couture said...

Great photos! Cute blog! :)


Audra T said...

Love the pics!! My parents have lived in Belize for the past 11 years. I go down once a year to visit. I've been to Xunantunich a few times taken the ferry across the river :) I've also been through the checkpoint at Hattieville! (parents live just outside of Belmopan). You really need to go back when you have more time to see everything versus that short day trip from a cruise!!

Heather J said...

How fun! I'm glad you are posting about your trip and had a good experience!! Don't you love Mayan ruins? Soo cool!

My husband and I went backpacking through several Central American countries and did not have a good (read:scary) experience in Belize. But, most people I talk with have had a good one so it was probably us in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Katie said...

we stopped in belize on a cruise but we didn't pay to do any excursions and wherever we were ported was pretty scary - really dirty, some shady people trying to sell us stuff. we didn't stay long! but heard of others that did some excursions that it was awesome!! we should've sucked it up and paid the money!!

Val said...

Such an incredible adventure.

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

I love that photo of the immigration office, how funny! Sounds like a really cool trip, I can't wait to hear about Honduras!

Anonymous said...

I went on a mission trip to Belize in high school and it is such a beautiful country! Yes, there is a lot of poverty, but also so much beauty! I actually got to crank one of the ferries. It took two of us but it was pretty cool. We stayed in Belize City and a small village near Belmopan. Snorkeling out by the cayes was awesome! I really hope to return one day.

Belizean said...

Haha you are right about the flowers not being black since those where not the national flower of Belize. Our national flower is the Black Orchid. You should probably google it to see how the flower looks. But gld to know you enjoyed your trip here in Belize. Hope you come back soon.

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