Friday's Dose of Delight

I wish I could scream TGIF from the top of a mountain but for one the midwest is pretty flat & secondly, I have to work tomorrow so this Friday has a little cloud hovering over it. I'm pretty selfish when it comes to my weekends so this gal is not a happy camper,a matter of fact much to my husband's dismay I am not a camper at all. Do you have any clue how many incidents of wild animal attacks happen per year? Yeah, me neither. But it doesn't matter.....cause even if that statistic was small I'd still manage to find my way into those numbers. Am I alone in this paranoia of tent attacks by oversized possums & Yogi the Bear ? I like to believe this world is full of nuts just like me.

Well, today's Dose of Delight has nothing to do with camping. Thank god.

So here's a mini-mini round up of things I've discovered this week that have inspired and delighted me.

DIY Neon Toe Shoes
As most of you know neon & all its brightness is back! I prefer this trend in small doses. After all I'm blind enough as it is with out my contacts. But add a touch of fluorescent with neutrals & you've won this gal over. That's why I'm gaga over this DIY neon toe shoe idea from Green Wedding Shoes.
Now I just need to get me a pair of nude zapotos.

Make sure to stop by next week because I have a little DIY neon project coming your way!

H&M Canvas Bag

CRUSH ALERT! I have seriously checked out this bag from H&M online so many times the IT team there is probably about to put a restraining order on me.
Doesn't it scream sunshine & warm summery days?

Hope you all have a delightful weekend!

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Anonymous said...

That's a bummer you have to work tomorrow! I'm pretty selfish about my weekends too! And I'm with you on the camping thing! My idea of camping is going to a campsite with a full on shower/bathroom and sleeping in a RV! Lol! I get freaked out thinking about the animals too! Haha!

Regina of Live Delightfully said...

I agree with you about camping. And I like Sarah's idea of camping. lol. My husband got a jeep recently and is now in "rugged-outdoor-man mode". He wants to go off-roading in his jeep. He wants to go camping. Like we've ever been camping.. why? because I don't like it. I get cranky when the A/C is set to high in the summer and he wants to put me somewhere where it can be too hot and too cold? Ugh... the man isn't thinking! Maybe we should start a group. Our husbands can go do their manly camping thing together and we can stay home and get our craft on. haha!

And yes, I love that DIY idea and STILL love that bag! ;)

Val said...

You had me at neon toed shoes.

Unknown said...

That tote bag is great and I love camping...come need to enjoy the great outdoors! LOL!!

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

I'm so with you on the camping - um, no thanks! :) Can't wait to see your neon DIY!

Megan said...

I love the neon shoes and I also love the bag! You always feature great things :)

Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

Michelle Paige said...

Absolutely NO Camping unless it involves those shoes and bag! Wow!

Andrea said...

HA I still don't know how I feel about wearing anything neon {wore WAY too much as a kid!} But I have to admit the shoes and the bag are pretty cute.
Anyway I am popping over to say thanks SO much for the sweet lil note you left me about my house numbers! {THAT Blue color is my FAVE blue too! It's the color of my kitchen, my stairway, and my front door} YEP I am a lil obsessed with it!
Anyway, I hope to see ya again soon!

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