I'm Preoccupied Trying to Get Rid of You {Living Room In-Progress}

No, not you my dear friends! I'm preoccupied with getting rid of Miss Brownie, my overly dark brown living room.  I have finally come to terms with her stealing my sunshine with all her dark ways & decided I was SO over stalling on re-doing this room.  As with the rooms in most of our house I have always had bigger, better dreams for them. Initially, when we first moved in we kind just filled the space so it looked some what livable & then along the way I was going to do some remodeling. But as I have mentioned before I am a really s-l-l-l-l-o-o-w decorator. I refuse to buy alot of things {i.e. wall art, rugs, etc} because I am always afraid after I spend the money I am going to end up finding the MOST perfect thing later & wish I would have waited.  It's weird, it's a sickness....and I try to convince myself wine, & lots of wine will fix it.  But that just ends with more headaches.
{This is a pic of Miss Brownie when we first moved in {ignore the nosey nugget in the middle} I recently had virus attack my other computer so this is the only "before" pic I have for the time being.}

I finally had ENOUGH & after looking for over a year for that PERFECT rug I finally let go of my decor expectations & forced myself to just make a doggone decision, purchase one, & get a move on with this room already!
Much to my hubby's excitment {insert sarcasm} we went from honey
 "We need to get a new rug" to this!

Which was good because I was thisclose to just tagging the whole room with some graffitti & then setting it on fire. PHEW.

So I really wanted to share a cute baby gift tutorial with y'all {using my best Brittany Spears impression there}but as you can see I have been preoccupied AND my house has looked all sorts of chaotic until recently.
Not really alot of room for crafting in here!

In the mean time, here is a pic of some of our first baby steps in transforming our room; we added a new rug & flipped our couch but there's WAY more to come.

Sooooooo......we have really transformed this room & once it is completed {haha...yeah, good luck with that Jennifer!} I look forward to sharing Miss "No More" Brownie's new makeover with you.
In the mean time you may hear me ranting on about all the stress that Craig's List has been causing me. Ugh....seriously I am SO OVER sellers who make deals & go MIA on me or don't respond to inquiries in the first place {I know their item is not sold because they yell at you in their listing "NO MORE EMAILS ASKING IF THIS IS STILL AVAILABLE!! IF IT'S LISTED THE ANSWER IS YES!") I couldn't imagine being very successful selling my items on Etsy on if I acted like this.

 Where have our manners gone?? A simple reply is not much to ask for.
AND I thought the whole point of selling stuff on Craig's List was BECAUSE you wanted to get rid of it. Okay, I feel better now.

The hubby doesn't seem to understand my agitation. He does alot of silent staring when I go on & on complaining about people & their inconsiderate ways.  I'm well aware he thinks this behavior fools me into thinking he is paying attention but I'm no fool I know he is in la-la land dreaming about his next golf game or something-something like that.

 Has anyone else developed "Craig's List ulcers" before?

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Unknown said...

The living room looks great! My husband spends a lot of time on Craigslist and has the same complaint!

Regina of Live Delightfully said...

Gosh, thanks for the teaser! Now I'm fidgety with anticipation of what the "big reveal" will look like! :) Haha!

Our living room needs a makeover. But that's down the list. First it's BB's room, than our room, then the guest room, then the office and then maybe...maybe... the living room. So... maybe in 20-ish years. Give or take. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that looks like a lot of work! I can't wait to see it completed! I can understand what you mean about waiting for that perfect piece! My problem is that I always give up on finding the perfect thing and end up settling for something else. Then I usually find something about it I don't like! Of course by that time I'm pretty much stuck with it! Haha!

Cat said...

Dealing with the general peeps in society (I'm talking to you Craig's list sellers who use all caps in listings ... it is just rude!) can be super stressful and, for me, usually involves a lot of eye-rolling :) Thank goodness you don't run your Etsy business that way! I really love your new floral rug ... the lighter background and the open flower pattern is so pretty! Good luck with this project ... can't want to see miss brownie get her extreme make-over :)

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

I can so relate to designing indecisiveness. I'm so jealous of people who just "know" and feel so confident in their choices. Grr. Good luck with the redecorating - I'm not a big fan of Craigslist for that very reason! Double grr.

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