Monogrammed Framed Dollar Store Gift Bags

Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask myself "What would I do with out the Dollar Store?" 
Okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration but seriously the budget friendly store is a crafter's dream. You just need to browse the aisles with an open & creative mind. 

On most occassions I refuse to buy my gift bags anywhere else other than the Dollar Store. Gift bags are so darn expensive & well I'm on the subject so are pine nuts! Seriously, who knew these seeds were such a delicacy? Anyway, I digress.

 So back to the point, I get my gift bags from the Dollar Store & alot of the time you can find really cute ones but every once in awhile I want to dress them up a bit.
Make them a little bit more personalized, ya know?

So today I'm sharing an easy way to monogram a cheap-o gift bag.

First you'll need to find some cute, decorative cardstock & a mini picture frame to coordinate with your gift bag. The dollar sections at Michael's and Jo-ann's are always a great source for inexpensive little frames.
Then remove the paper insert from your frame & trace it with a pencil on the back of your cardstock.
Cut your traced circle out & insert it into your frame.
Now you'll want to add your letter. I chose an "E" because I plan on using this for a gift for my niece "Ella".  If space permits you can get creative & use all three of your recipents initials or even putting the # for their age would look cute {This would only work for kids though! Grown women probably wouldn't find their age adorned on the bag very cute.}You can use stickers or cut out a letter from colored cardstock. My "E" happen to be an iron-on embroidered "E" that I found in the bottom of my craft stash.
The last thing you need to do is to adhere the frame to your bag. Now depending on the weight of your mini frame there are a few ways to go about this. My frame was pretty light so I just stuck a bunch of 3D adhesion dots on the back and firmly stuck it to my bag. You can also adhere it using a glob of hot glue or if it is some what heavy poking two holes in the bag, spooling ribbon through the holes & tying the frame on {wrapping the ribbon around the tab on the backing board that you usually use to stand frames up on. Is there a word for it???} would probably work too.
Since I used items that I already had lying around this bag still came out cheaper than most retail giants sell their gift bags for. I'm thinking these would also make cute personalized party favor bags!

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Kimberly said...

So cute! I love the colors together. I love the dollar store too, the one closest to me is in the ghetto though, so Im a little scared to go in by myself. haha! But when I do I always find something good!
And Yea what's up with pine nuts?? I had no clue they were so special. lol

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

YES the dollar store rocks! I find the coolest little things in there too. What a great project and I love that it did not cost a fortune to make

Sarah said...

I agree with you on all fronts here and this is adorable and the options are endless.

And, yes, why are pine nuts SO expensive? I love them and toasted are even better but they are so dang expensive!

Tonii said...

So cute Jennifer! I never would have thought to use a frame for that...thank goodness I have you to enlighten me!!

Elle Sees said...

super cute and precious! that E should be for me! ;)

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