National Craft Month:5 Crafting Tools I Can't Live With Out

Happy National Craft Month! I thought about having you all over for a par-tay but then that would mean I'd have to clean. Which would then in return mean that I'd have to surpass my capacity of adult responsibilities for the month & let's face it March just barely started & no one likes an "overachiever" anyways, right?

So, in honor of this holiday & my return from the dead I thought I'd share with you a few of my favorite crafting tools. My homies if you will.

Martha Stewart Scoring Board via Amazon

I realize this may sound criminally insane but during 2010 B.M.S.B {before Martha's scoring board}I use to score all my stationery card orders by hand with just a ruler & boning knife. But then a friend referred me to this scoring board & it was as if the gates of heaven had flung open & I could hear the angels singing...ahhhhhhhhh. This board can be used for creating all kinds of envelopes, cards, & gift boxes.

Glue Gun via Google {Sorry, can't find original source!}

Behold the glue's a blistered kind of love but I use hot glue for everything. EVERYTHING. Paper crafts, wood crafts, wreaths, when my doxie lost the tip of her ear in some freak accident......

Silhoutte Cameo from US Cutter

Miss Cameo & I have a tumultuous kind of love but I admit between the flu & surgery I've been neglecting her. With that being said this electric cutter really can take your crafting to a whole other level. You can see my Silhouette crafts here & here.

EK Sucess Flourish Square Punch via A Matter of Memories

Over the years I've used all kinds of different punches & I have to say the EK Sucess brand RULES!! I use them for cupcake toppers & favor tags & other paper crafting needs. They are easy to use & best of all you don't need some Olympian strength hand muscles to punch your paper.  Which is a good thing because the only exercise my hand gets is from lifting my wine glass.

Mod Podge from Amazon

Mod Podge....the all-in-one glue, sealer, & finish & da bomb.

So there you have five crafting BFFs.

Stay tuned because soon I'll be sharing some SUH-WEET crafting tools you'll want to add to your toolbox.

Feel free to share what your FAVORITE crafting tools are!

PS. Thanks again to every one who left sweet comments & sent me emails checking to see how my post-surgery recovery was going. I am so thankful to be a part of this wonderful blogging community! YOU ALL ROCK.

I am happy to say that during recovery I played a stellar Rip Van Winkle. Only my fairy taled played out in the comforts of my own bed not some pain of the butt mountain.

Everything was going well & then SOME HOW I managed to contract the stomach flu last Friday....again. Second time in 8 weeks!
Apparently, I missed the memo that my immune system retired in 2011.
Which is good because I wouldn't have thrown it a party anyways.

So with that being said hugs & kisses to the most patient man I know {unless he's waiting for a bread basket at a restaurant}, my hubby, for putting up with an annoying, bell ringing, incapaciated wife for quite some time now. I owe you a kidney honey!

Also, thanks to my pups, Sianna & Brylee, for being the best cuddle bugs ever & for licking my face every now & then, I suppose to confirm I was still alive. Either that or I misunderstood & you were actually checking to see if I had died & were planning to make a meal out of me.
Either way I thank you.

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Michelle Paige said...

Soooo glad you're feeling better! Wow! What a ride! I'm thinking I need to look into that MS scoring board...never used one.

Tonii said... always make me laugh! I am so glad you are feeling better and you deserved all the love and care you got :) Mod Podge and glue gun would definitely round out my top 5 too :)

Love Sweet Love said...

Yay! I'm so glad you're feeling better-mostly because I MISS your posts because they are my daily dose of laughter AND of course because it's NO fun to be sick!! :) Could not live without my mod-podge, my glue gun and my cricut!

Katie said...

i believe i am addicted to my glue gun. my husband has even joked to people that it is plugged in next to my bed. : )

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

Seriously, stomach flu, again? Yikes! I've been curious about the Silhouette machine - you think it's worth it?

Unknown said...

So glad you're back! That is a great list. I'm not sure what would be on the top of my list!

I'd love to hear from you!