Writing Good Etsy Item Titles (Spark Plug Series)

The titles of the items in your Etsy shop carry a lot of weight when it comes to search engine optimization. You know the saying "choose your words wisely?" Believe it or not, mom was right! The words you use to title the items you want to sell can make a mega difference in your sales. This is even more true since a few months ago searches on Etsy were defaulted to "relevancy" versus "most recent". So today's Spark Plug Series is going to focus on a few tips to help you compose titles that work.
*One of the most important things to remember when creating a title for your items is to place yourself in the shoes of a shopper {seriously ladies, how hard can that be?} A common mistake among sellers is to title their items with some cutesy name. "Juliet's Tear Drops Art " may sound all romantic & artsy-fartsy for the waterfall print your trying to sell but who the heck is putting that in a search term box{besides perhaps Romeo}? Imagine what words YOU would search if you were shopping for the items you sell. Recruit your friends & family for help too!

*Remember to place your most important keywords towards the front of your title!

*Checking out Google's Keyword Tool is one of the first things I do when adding a new item to my shop. It is one of the most valuable ways to find a list of popular terms people use when searching for items similiar to the products you sell.

For example, let's say I am working on a title for this new baby shower invitation.
I researched three prospective terms for this item; "baby shower invite", "custom invitations", & "baby shower invitation".

As you can see {perhaps after you whip out your bifocals}"baby shower invitations" is a more popular search term than "baby shower invites" & "custom invitations" is the least preferred search of the three.  Thanks to this tool I now have narrowed down which search terms will benefit me the most when writing my title.

*Another great resource is to use the search suggestions that pop up in the search box on Etsy. The terms come from real buyers. Here are some examples of popular search terms that I may want to consider for titles for thank you cards.
Hopefully, these tips will help you write more effective item titles!
As with most of your business you're going to want to track what is & isn't working for you. Keep an eye on your shops stats & Google Analytics. You may find some search terms are performing better than others & can use this information to continue to improve on your titles.

Of course I am not expert {if I was I'd be ruling the world right now....muhahahahaha}but I have found that these little tid bits have helped me in my shop {although I still need to find time to revise quite a few of my titles!}. If you are an Etsy seller please feel free to share any advice you have as well in the comment section & as always if you have questions please ask away! If I don't know the answer I'll apologize & then send you a puppy or something.


Unknown said...

This can be applied to blog post titles too! Thanks for the reminder to use the Google Keyword Tool!

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

Super smart! I need to start using this for blog post titles (which I totally suck at).

Alexa said...

Love this idea for blog post titles...thanks for the tips!

Katie said...

thank you so much for sharing this!! I will be doing this when I post new things!! : )

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