Free Printable Bunny Tail Easter Tags

I'm continuing on with some more tush talkin today. ONLY because I didn't attract enough creep-o-philes through the search engines yesterday with all my butt blabbering {seriously, remind me again why I don't lock myself away in some panic room?}.

Yesterday I shared the bunny tail treat cups I put together for my nieces & nephew.
Well, today I am sharing a little Easter gift with you.
Free printable bunny tail tags!

printable Easter tags for favors and treats

  I created these bunny tail tags to coordinate with the little treat cups but I couldn't just keep them all to myself because like I always say, "sharing is caring". Can you tell I got a lot of gold stars when I was in grade school?

Print on regular cardstock, cut, & tag something. Perhaps your cat.

Glue on a little cotton craft ball for the tail if you are really ambitious
 {found mine at the Dollar Store}.

easy Easter treat ideas

Hope you enjoy your little Easter treat because the turbo size chocolate bunny {seriously, are those things on steroids?} I originally got you melted in the car, ahem, yeah that's what happened.
*Quickly wiping chocolate mustache off*.

As always love to hear if you get any use out of my printables!


Stephanie @ henry happened said...

Definitely a gold star for you! :) Those are adorable, esp with the cottontail!

Bonnie and Trish @ Uncommon Designs said...

Jennifer you crack me up! THanks for the printable, too! It is adorable!

Take care,


Unknown said...

Okay...those are just adorable! Thanks for the printable!

Make it Create by Lilly Ashley said...

I love your Easter crafts!! I love the printables, and the bunny tail treat cups are so cute!! Just shared them over at The Latest Find! Thanks so much for visiting and for your kind comment. Happy Easter! =)

Lindsay said...

I adore these! Thanks for making it easier for us to have cute little tags!

Alexa said...

Oh my goodness these are the cutest! I love!

Val said...

Super every way.

Michelle Paige said...

Sooooo super adorable!!

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

How cute!!
Thank you for sharing these!!

Andrea Hebert said...

This may be a crazy request, but is there any way I can get a custom saying on these? Or a way to change it myself? I'm having a bunny birthday party and I'd like them to say: "Cecilia is so glad you "hopped" over!" and I can't find anything I like, except this!:(

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted said...

Hi Andrea, can you email me at I see you are a "no-reply" blogger so I can't respond to you. Thanks!:)

I'd love to hear from you!