Friday's Dose of Delight: Easter Edition

Holiday weekend! I'm all about it.

It only seems fitting that I share Easter inspired ideas today.  So let's move on to this week's Dose of Delight; a mini-mini round-up of things that I've come across recently that have inspired, thrilled, or delighted me!

You ever have those moments when you come across something so beautifully magnificent you're at an absolute loss for words? Yep, that's right this recipe from raspberri cupcakes literally turned my brain to mush.  No thoughts came to mind, no words could be uttered, just drool down my chin.
View this full heavenly recipe here.

PS. Is it just me or do you notice that Aussie bloggers run some of the coolest blogs around?
Seriously mate, it must be in the water.

I may be alone in saying this but I have never seen this before with the eggs in the bread. Then again much to my hubby's dismay my world doesn't collide with the world of cooking very often. And I feel like I say "much to my hubby's dismay" alot around here lately. He must be a very dismayed person {if there is such a thing?} I think this egg-bread-thing-a-ma-jiggy is pretty nifty though. Bonus point the eggs are in my all time favorite color!
Visit bon appetit for the full 4-1-1 on this recipe.

Hope everyone has a delightful Easter weekend!

For all you Easter basket slackers
{don't worry I would totally be in this group!} 
 get your free bunny tail tags here.

PS. FYI if you follow Delightfully Noted on Twitter I was hacked so all those drunk like tweets weren't from me.........or were they?

PPS. DO NOT click any links in any direct messages you may have received from my Twitter account either.  I promise I don't know anyone spreading rumors about you & if I REALLY knew of some great weight loss secret I'd tweet it 100 times not 20.

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Denise Pacurar said...

OMG these are the CUTEST easter ideas!!!

Denise Pacurar said...

OMG these are the CUTEST easter ideas!!!

henning love said...

oh my gosh those cheesecake chocolate eggs are you kidding me, ahmazing!! and the bread must make that today thank goodness i took today as a holiday so i can make all these wonderful goodies!! Happy Easter sweet friend!

Anonymous said...

You had me at 'cheesecake'! I love that there's a little chick-a-dee looking up at the egg like he wants some. That's totally me!

Have a great weekend girl! And Happy Easter! :)

Katie said...

those two recipes look awesome. but also look really hard to make. i'd prefer just eating them. : ) and that stinks about your twitter account!!

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