Mother's Day: Gift for a Gardener

My MIL spends a lot of time outside tending to her landscaping & flowers so I decided to make her a garden gift basket for Mother's Day. It was between that or the book "Computers for Seniors for Dummies".  I decided it be best to stick with the basket.  I was actually surprised by the variety of gardening items our local Dollar Store had. I picked up some soil {figured dirt is dirt, right?}, biodegradable starter pots, flower seeds, & garden tools.  I ran to a few other shops to swoop up the basket, watering can, & gardener's gloves. 
 I found the "vintagy" sunflower cards in the dollar section at Michael's.  Best marketing decision that store ever made. I tell you that dollar crap gets me EVERY TIME! My MIL is a stickler for sending thank you cards{now you know a paper addict like me can appreciate that!} Of course, they aren't Delightfully Noted cards but I guess they'll do....hehehe. Hmmm....doesn't word chuckling always feel odd?
I thought it would be cute if I packaged the flower seeds in some stamped muslin bags.

Then I downloaded, resized, & printed off this botanical print from the Graphics Fairy.
So many great, vintage themed printables can be found there!
It worked terrifically as a gift tag. It added the perfect final touch to the basket.
 Do any of you garden? 
The hubby's going to be planting ours soon. Eating fresh veggies straight out of the ground is one of my favorite parts of summer!

PS. Those of you who use Blogger platform how are you liking the changes? I keep centering my paragraphs & yet they aren't coming out centered.  Why do you hate centered paragraphs so much Blogger??! Why? I ask!!

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Unknown said...

You will never believe what blog post I was forming in my head this morning...this exact post!! I was planning to make a Mother's Day gardening gift basket! My mom wants her sons and sons-in-law to do some landscaping work as her gift and I want to include a basket of gardening goodies. So, you just might see me do a similar post soon ;)

mrsmccord said...

Thank you so much for this! So simple and will be perfect for my mom! Way to think outside the box :)

Unknown said...

Great gift idea. My mom and myself are big gardeners too. I'm trying to brainstorm I what I haven't bought for her already.

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Ohhhhh I love this! I would love to receive this as a gift :) It also coincides with my post today..perfect!

Katie said...

what a great idea! so cute too! I would like to be a gardener. : )

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

You crack me up as usual - is there any chance your MIL will read this? Great idea - and hilarious to boot! :)

I'd love to hear from you!