My Little Lamp Makeover:Distressed Burlap

Once upon a time I found this lonely ol' lamp while I was Goodwill hunting {my favorite kind of hunting I may add.} We were in need of some lighting for our living room makeover. Right away I knew I wanted to take this little orphan home & show it some unconditional DIY love.

It was the perfect size; not too big nor too small & neither too short nor too tall.
That's right. We bustin rhymes up in herrrr.

I loved how it's base was chunky & wooden which is perfect for a household that contains the world's clumsiest person. Not naming names or anything
Then the lamp sat for a few weeks as I experienced the craziest lampshade shopping obsession EVER known to man kind.
I don't even think this represents every shade that I purchased & returned during my temporary moment of lampshade insanity. Let's just say no stone was left unturned. I wiped this town clean of all its "shadiness".

I finally settled on the burlap from Target mostly because it fit the best & it brought a wonderful new texture to the room. Then I contemplated for a long time on what color I wanted to paint the base.  The gold part at the bottom was really throwing me off. Do I paint it all? Leave it alone? Then I found my answer on Pinterest because after all where else does one find inspiration these days?
Found via Your Nest Design

I loved the look of the white distressed paint with the gold bases.
So using the same dry paint technique that I used on my distressed coffe table I went to town & gave this little puppy the makeover it was dying for.
Not bad for a $2.99 lamp, huh? Well, $17 if you add in the cost of the lampshade but still much less than if I would have bought something new. I just love how fresh & bright it looks in the room.

That empty little gold frame was a 99 cent steal from GW as well.
I just haven't decided on whose worthy enough to have their picture in there.
I'm thinking it should go to the first person to come clean my house! Any takers out there? Hello? Hello?


Our Pinteresting Family said...

It turned out fantastic! I love the picture of all the shades you tried out. :) I've been shopping like that lately too. Enjoy! Megan

Katie said...

that is really funny that you bought all those lamp shades!! I covered two old lamps (shades) I had with burlap this summer and love how they turned out. I love yours!

Unknown said...

So cute...of course I have to like it because it is burlap! :)

Michelle Paige said...

It looks perfect! What would we do without Pinterest?

henning love said...

love it Jennifer!! i would be like you too searching all over and in every store for the prefect lampshade. when i want something i will leave no store untouched to find what i am in the hunt for

Kelly Trepp - Author said...

Love it! I'm a big fan of burlap. So earthy.

Dianna said...

love it great job!

Anonymous said...

Love the finished lamp! I'm always scared to paint stuff though. I know you can just paint over it, but I guess it just seems so permanent to me. What if I screw it up?! {Don't blog about it I guess, right?!} Haha! Yours turned out great though!

Heather said...

Ha I love the mountain of lampshades - what a great idea... the lamp looks lovely :)


Unknown said...

BEAUTIFUL POST AND LOVELY BLOG! Would you like to follow each other?
P.S. Wish you a lovely Sunday!

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

Wow, you did go through a bit of a lamp shade obsession - that is quite a pile! :) But I love how it turned out - the burlap is great!

Unknown said...

I love how the lamp turned out. Sometimes the simplest materials are the best. I would love it if you would share this on my linky party

Unknown said...

Here from Crafty Scrappy Happy, I love your lamp redo! Now following and enjoying your blog. Would love for you to visit and follow me too :)

Hugs, Tanya

Jaime Lyn said...

perfect perfect perfect!!! I love your final look! And seriously for that price?! LOVE! :o)

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