Cheer Up Buttercup: DIY Monogrammed Pencil Holder

What do you do to cheer yourself up? Do you splurge on ice cream? Go to the mall? Read a book? Knock out a glass, or two, or three of wine? Not that I'm speaking on experience on that last one.
I want to know how do you turn that frown upside down?
You wanna know how I make it through a rough day? I craft. My MIL cleans. Like ALOT. Like as in she may or may not vaccuum the same room five times in one night. I suppose that habit would be alot more beneficial than bombing your house with glitter & glue guns.
To me there's something so therapeutic about crafting.
I especially love the challenge of taking something & giving it a whole new life.

Like this little blue ceramic canister the hubby picked up the other day because he "figured I could do something with it". You bet your bottom dollar I had just the idea for this little thingamajig.
I still had some of that Looking Glass spray paint left over from my DIY mercury project.
I thought it would be cool to have some silver mirrored stripes on the jar along with the initial of our last name. All I did was tape off my stripes AND then I allowed my Silhouette machine to come back into my life. Oh. I didn't tell you! Yeah, the two of us have been on a trial seperation after I almost threw her out my office window a few months ago while trying to make some favor tags for my grandma's surprise party. It didn't end well. Luckily, this time she cooperated & cut a vinyl circle & "B" for me.
Spray paint away. Remove the tape & vinyl & TADA! A new monogrammed pencil holder.
So what do you do to cheer yourself up?

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Katie said...

that is so cute!! sweet that your husband got it so you could do something with it to. I drink an iced coffee, watch tv, eat frozen yogurt or make something to cheer myself up!

Katie said...

oh and going shopping definitely helps too!

Tonii said...

That is adorable! And how much do I LOVE that your hubs picked it up for you...what a guy! Unfortunately, nothing makes me happier than a pint of Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey...hence why I have to wake up at 5 every morning and run my buns off! I've got to find another source of happiness! ;)

Michelle Paige said...

So adorable. This would be a sweet teacher gift, too! What a sweet husband you have!

Unknown said...

So cute! I wish I would clean when I was stressed! :)

Unknown said...

I love to craft to relieve stress & lighten my mood! There is something about working with my hands & getting lost in a project that it just magical. Your new pencil holder is adorable :-)

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

So cute & clever! There might be donuts involved when I cheer myself up - I should channel it into something productive like crafting or cleaning!

becky said...

It's funny ... you should read my post today ... I almost threw my Silhouette into the pool as well. I read all these posts about how cool and easy and quick they are ...yada yada. I felt I must be a complete idiot. It's nice to see they can be a pain too. They really don't give you much's more of a "Here's where everything is and what it does". Last nite I HAD to figure it out but it took ALL NITE.

I do like to create ... but a hot bath...crossword ... and then shopping helps me. I do kinda have to straighten before moving on ... but hopefully I'm not OCD. So nice your hubs takes an interest...mine thinks I'm crazy.

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