Creating Shop Policies: Outlining How You Do Business

Often times the task missed most on your to-do list when setting up an Etsy shop is posting your shop policies. Honestly, I cringe a little any time I click on a shop with out a policy section. Not only can having a set of guidelines outline to your customers what type of service you will be providing them but it can also protect you as a seller in certain instances. Plus, I just think it gives off a lovely professional vibe to your shop. Can you imagine if you went to return your
snuggie to Target & they had no set policies in place?

The good news is Etsy makes it rather simple to break up your policies under five highlighted sections; welcome, payment, shipping, refunds/exchanges, additional policies/FAQs. 

Here are some things to consider while policy-making;

*Be clear & simple: State the facts {do you or do you not accept refunds? take custom orders?} in a brief, concise, but informative matter.
 No one wants to read a book while shopping; not even "Fifty Shades of Grey"!

*Give answers: This is something that may come with time but you may find that you are getting alot of similiar questions from multiple buyers, consider updating your policies to provide more info. Examples could be "Do you make this in different sizes?" "Can the colors be changed?",  "Can you have this shipped to Zimbabwe in two hours?" 

*Be friendly: Okay, let's get for realz here for a second. As with any business there are going to be pet peeves. There are going to be times that customers do things to take advantage of you that really, really annoy you. No matter what you shouldn't be rude or confrontational when addressing these certain issues in your policy section. 

*Do your homework: Admire other sellers? Check out their shop policies. What is about them that is so enticing? Have they covered something that perhaps you forgot to mention?

*Second opinion: Have a friend or loved one proofread your policies when completed to make sure there are no grammar errors and that they make sense to the everyday-Joe {or Jane!}

*Follow the rules: As the final step before posting your policies make sure they are in align with Etsy's rules.

    Anything I left out? Want to add your two cents? or three cents?

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Katie said...

I need this post!!! I need to add this to my etsy shop! thanks for the advice jennifer. : )

Anonymous said...

No one likes to think about writing policies, but I think you're right. Any kind of shop or seller must have a set of guidelines. Otherwise you're just asking to be bombarded with special requests! Great post Jen!!

Unknown said...

Great tips! I love it when I can read a shop's policy before buying!

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