Crush of the Month: Dreamy Garden Sheds {aka Backyard Retreats}

It should come as no surprise that June's "Crush of the Month" centers around garden sheds....but not just any garden shed; I'm talking dreamy-Ryan Gosling-heart-palpitating type of sheds! I'm not even sure what that means. I just know if there was EVER a day I allowed a shed to be docked in my yard{I know were not talking boats here but I can't type the word "erected" with out giggling like a teenage school boy. I know, geesh, grow up already!} that it will have to look like one of these! Never mind that half of them are like fairy-tale cottages and serve no purpose as a shed.
I mean what would be the point of that, right?

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pretty shed
via BHG
white garden shed with glass doors
garden shed for pot storage
via BHG
garden shed with blue door
small white shed
white backyard shed

Source unknown via Small Garden Love
blue green backyard shed
white brick shed

So anyone have a pretty shed I can come live in?
I mean one with out house guests already like possums & squirrels.


Renewed Upon a Dream said...

So funny, I just pinned a bunch of these today. I think it'd be so cool to turn a shed into a studio space for crafts & an office. It's a dream...

Katie said...

i wish I had one of those beautiful sheds in my backyard and you could come stay in it!

Larry Wood said...

Very beautiful..Fantastic... I like the design and style.. keep it up!

Koru Kate {Koru Wedding} said...

I would love a darling cottage in my backyard as a little studio! Of course, I need a backyard first.

Tonia L said...

Fabulous! My aunt has one that looks really similar to the Reader Shopping one. It matches her adorable house!

Sarah @ Simply Dove said...

Those are all to die for! If I had a shed that looked like one of these, I'd never come out! Haha!

carports bendigo said...

These all are beautiful garden shed. I really love this fantastic concept for garden interior and in this concept I like most dreamy-Ryan Gosling-heart-palpitating type of sheds. I see your all images and this all images are looks very beautiful.

Paulo McManus said...
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Diana said...

Love that one cottagy shed. Yum! Sooo charming. I turned a storage shed behind my house into an art studio and I love it.

Pearly Craig said...
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Anonymous said...

these garden sheds are simpley .... beautiful,whimsical, I want one in my backyard.... I'm writing too santa tonight!!!1

House Crazy in Michigan! said...

I am "crazy in love" with these little houses! I have one too, a little playhouse. I decorate t for all of the seasons.

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