Dog Silhouette Art: Chalk Transfer Technique

As some of you know we're a doxie house so it should come as no surprise that I am just a tad bit infatuated with their funny little silhouettes.

Case in are just a few of my faves saved over on Etsy.

I decided while working on a small gallery wall as part of our living room makeover that I wanted to incorporate some doxie art to represent those little mischievous boogers of ours.
After all, they are a part of our wacky, little family.

That is why it was perfect timing when I stumbled upon Shelley of the Crazy Wonderful's blog dog art tutorial.

I started off with a small wood plaque that I painted using the same dry paint tecnique that I used on my distressed coffee table project.

Then I printed off a dog silhouette I created awhile back for some "Howl-a-weenie" invites.
Hardy har har. Oh, I crack myself up. Get it? Howl-a-weeeeenie.
You can also use images found off the net if you don't want to design one yourself.

Now here is the uber nifty trick I learned from Shelley's tutorial. Flip your paper over so that the image is facing down. Taking the side of a piece of chalk rub over the whole backside with it. Turn your paper right side up and position on your wooden plaque.
Using a pencil trace the outline of the silhouette.
The outline of your image should transfer onto your wood.
You may need to pull out your bifocals but you now have an image to outline & fill with a small brush & paint.
I just think this chalk technique is so cool & simple. The funny thing is something tells me this is a trick we learned in like second grade & I just happen to not pay attention that day.
 I can't wait to add this little piece to my gallery collection!
The weiner dogs gave it 4 paws up.

PS. I forgot to mention on Friday while I was rambling on about how great of a month I am predicting June to be that I was also guest posting over at the lovely Classic & Bubbly blog about DIY Fashion Inspiration. Ch-ch-ch-check it out! 


Unknown said...

Love that idea! I've been doing a painting project today at it hasn't really been going my way...LOL!

Jeanette said...

What a great idea. Wonder if I could use a photo of our schnauzer printed in black? Might have to try it.

Sarah said...

I grew up with a doxie so naturally I love this! May have to do one of my basset!

MYSAVIOR said...

Soooo cute! My grandson, Cole, age 19 wants a doxie. He will get one some day I am sure.
In the meanwhile I gave him one that a friend of mine of Etsy made. The one I got him was done in brown velour.


Micupoftea said...

What a fun project...thx for the ideas~

Val said...

This is pure awesomeness. I love a good DIY project.

Gloria said...

Oh how cute! Using chalk to transfer an image is such a great tip!

Anonymous said...

I love this! I might have to create a little something similar for my gallery wall... maybe I can finagle a silhouette of my pup.

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