Friday's Dose of Delight

Hey there pretty things. Can you believe we have officially made it through the first week of June? I mean CRAZY it's June already! I have this feeling that this month is going to be terrific. Ever have an inkling like that? Typically, I don't dare utter such words out loud. Most of the time when I declare to myself that a day or a month is going to be fab minutes later I stumble down the stairs or something.
So the solution to that is I am just going to avoid stairs all together for the month of June.
This should be interesting but also the perfect excuse on why the hubby will have to do laundry this week {12 stairs down to get there}? This should go over rather well I think.

So onto this week's dose of delight; a mini-mini round up of things that I have stumbled {as in with my eyes because remember no stairs this month!} upon lately that have thrilled, inspired, & delighted me. It should come as no surprise that I've got summer on my mind!

Grilled Corn with Cilantro Butter

If you ask me corn season just doesn't last long enough?
And I don't have to say that just because I grew up in Indiana.
This year I'm thinking we should spice the 'ol cob up a bit and this cilantro butter recipe from Baking with Blondie seems to be just what I was thinking! Full deal here.
Sherri Lynn of the life of a wife blog shared what appears to be the most amazing strawberry lemonade to ever grace this planet. And I'm not exaggerating it sounds fab.
This recipe is definately going on my to-do list this summer.
Hope you all have a delightful weekend!

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Lindsay said...

Oh yum! I would love to make that strawberry lemonade! And corn on the cob is already amazing, but this one looks even better! Thanks for sharing--Happy Friday!

Trish said...

I'm from Indiana, and I have to tell you, the ONLY thing I like about our hot and sticky summers is all the corn. I'm gettin' all excited now thinking about how much corn I'm going to stuff into my face :)

Tonii said...

Ooohhhh....great minds think alike! I have been eying that Freckled Lemonade myself! ;) Have a fantastic weekend!!

Unknown said...

I love cilantro so I am totally going to try that it on corn! I saw the Freckled Lemonade recipe and it looks delicious!

MYSAVIOR said...

The corn and the lemonade look soooo good.


Looks great!!

Hilary said...

Ohh I must try this corn butter!!

sherri lynn said...

That corn looks delicious! We've only had corn on the cob once this summer so far, but we LOVE it! And thanks for sharing the lemonade recipe :) I hope that you make it - it seriously is the best!!

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