Baby Steps: New Gallery Wall

This isn't the first time & this certaintly isn't the last time you will see a gallery wall.
They've practically become a staple for home decor
AND let's be honest I've wanted to jump on this bandwagon for quite some time now.

Our living room makeover {which I swear is 99.99999% done!}includes a hallway that connects our kitchen/living room to the west wing of our chateau.
Just kidding.....we don't really have wings {unless you count the chicken wings in our freezer},
nor do we live in a chateau.
That just sounded better, right?

I shared a view of this little hallway back during Halloween.
Eck! Seriously, how did I live with this cappucinno crap color for so long?
After the living room/hallway was painted I knew this immense stretch of blank wall was the perfect spot for either a gallery wall or a giant canvas picture of myself
posing on a boudier couch of course while petting a ferret.

Something told me the gallery wall was the way to go {most likely because ferrets terrify me}.
Plus, I really wanted to do something to make the thermostat blend in more.

Over the course of the past few months
I have been gathering a collection of frames from my home stash,
 garage sales, & the local Goodwills.

Does anyone else think it is extremally weird that people donate picture frames to second hand stores with the pictures of their loved ones still in the frame?
I think it's safe to say you've been cut from Grandma Ester's
will when she's willing to get rid of her frames with you still in it.
I just love the versatility & uniqueness of frames
you can find by browsing local second hand stores & garage sales.

My plan was to spray paint the frames a mix of white
& blue to create a more cohesive look.
Of course my collection wouldn't be complete with out my doggie art.

Next, I traced & cut out cardstock templates for each of my frames
so I could play around with the layout before hanging them.
This may seem uneccessary but seriously it's so helpful {newspaper & wax paper work too!}
Using masking tape I hung my paper template collection on the wall.

Once I was happy with it I busted out my new besties.....3M Command Hanging Strips and started adhering a few of the frames.
Seriously, these things are lifesavers for those of us who can't hang a picture correctly the first time {or perhaps even the second or third time}.
Pre-makeover there may or may not have been 9 to 10 holes behind every frame on our wall.
I'm just saying..........
Plus, this allows you to switch around wall art if you get bored with the look.

So there you have it.....the beginning stages {we're talking baby steps} of my gallery wall.

So do you have a gallery wall in your home?
Do you hang pictures well or
do you have holes all over your walls like me?
Do you want to have a contest some time to see who has more?

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GAR said...

Looks great! Love the console table too! Wait...what about the GREAT ROOM???

Stephanie @ Henry Happened said...

the wall looks very fresh! I especially like the pastel colors.

Tonii said...

ooohhh...I LOVE it! And since your almost can do mine next! ;) Seriously girl, you are so talented!!

Anonymous said...

I love gallery walls! And I'm sure yours will turn out gorgeous! I've seen ones that seriously take up an entire bedroom wall. That may be a little too much for me. Especially considering all the work that would go into hanging all those pictures. Ugh! Can someone come over to my place and just do it for me?! Lol!

Lindsay said...

I am most definitely going to use those strips, they are awesome! Your wall is going to look so great! I love your style! Have a great week, sweet friend!

melissa @ said...

I am amazed at your organized way of hanging pictures! I am more of your "eye-ball" it and see what you get. Of course, there are also hundreds (maybe literally) of holes in my walls! I know that it will look great!

Unknown said...

Very nice! I do not have a gallery wall but I love how yours looks!

I'd love to hear from you!