July: It's a Wrap! It was a month full of hot, steamy....

....pits. Just sayin. It has after all been one helluva of hot summer.
I'm quite sure the deodorant industry is behind it all.
Speaking of antiperspirant.....am I the only one who walks around CONSTANTLY with deodorant residue all over my clothes. It never fails, I'm running late {I haven't been on time since like 2003}trying to run out the door and there I am covered in Secret streaks from head to toe. Okay, maybe not really from head to toe as that would be quite weird & contortionist of me but still it's ridonkulous.

Anyways, incase you've missed your daily dose of the DN this is what went down in the month of July.

*I stole $4.00 from the hubby's piggy bank & spruced up the front porch.

*YOU GUYS got all r-rated with our rope talk.

*My Google search history showed an extreme obsession for mermaids, real mermaids, oh, & this statement piece. 

*We bought a villa on the lake, dawwwling.

*I still think an oversized canvas of me lying on a boudier petting a ferret would be better than this.

*And then we wrapped up the pit-sweaty month with this baby.

What was the hightlight of your month?

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a GREAT month.
Um villa on the lake kind of sounds like the very best part ;)

Val said...

Love that necklace. I hope you have a great August too.

Regina of Live Delightfully said...

Okay, I read this forever ago, but I was feeding a baby and couldn't really type. So, I'm coming back to ask if you've tried those deodorant-removing sponges? I have one and, just for you, I smeared deodorant on my black t-shirt (before leaving the house, so if this hadn't worked, I would have just ruined an outfit for you, haha) and then used the sponge to remove it. It came right off! Go get yourself one of those!

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