July's Crush of the Month: Bubble Necklaces

My Google search history for the past few week would show an extreme obsession for one thing,well, okay maybe two things;  real mermaids{thanks a lot Animal Planet!}& bubble necklaces. Originally a statement piece from J.Crew {for $150 mind you!} the bubble necklace has now become an icon. Replicas are popping up everywhere like little baby bunnies but not like the dead baby bunnies my Brylee killed this weekend sadly as I laid near by sunbathing. She was proud, I was traumatized. Ever since then she won't respond to us unless we call her "Killer B!" but with a rapper accent. It's gotten totally out of hand if you ask me.

And so I digress.
As I was saying I have searched & searched & searched for bubble necklaces.
I found a few on Etsy & Ebay but kept finding excuses not to purchase them 
{too pricey, from China and says it will take like eons to ship, etc...}
Then as I was cleaning out my email inbox I saw Group Dealz was offering these necklaces for just $19.99!
Dreams do come true people.
I scored myself a turquoise one but seriously, I could have gotten one in each color!
Hurry over there if you'd like to get yourself one or to buy your favorite gal from DN one. Wink, wink. 
In the mean time here's some of my favorite fashion bubble wearing inspiration......

The perfect eye candy for dressing up or just throwing on with a pair jeans and cardi.

Do you have a bubble necklace? What colors are your favorite? How do you wear yours?

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Tonii said...

MUST have the orange. And the green. And the turquoise. This is trouble...and its all your fault ;) SO chic, I am loving your July crush!

Katie said...

real mermaids? this made me laugh. and I am so glad I got a bubble necklace - I love it!!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Oh yes I LOVE love too! Every woman needs a statement necklace IMO :)

Unknown said...

I have a few favorite statement necklaces but I don't have a bubble necklace yet. May try to change that asap!

Heather J said...

such cute necklaces. i went over there but i'm not able to get on the site. too popular?

Regina of Live Delightfully said...

I love those and have been eyeing them on Etsy too! Might have to get me one of those babies... or five. ;)

Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

I actually have a post on this up RIGHT NOW! Crazy!


henning love said...

they are all so cute cute cute!! love the bubble necklace although for some reason it isn't a purchase i will be making and i don't know why

MYSAVIOR said...

LOVE the look! Especially with the denim.


Stephanie @ henry happened said...

Everyone (but me) seems to have this necklace - I gotta get on that Group Dealz train! Thanks for the info!!

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