Sprucing Up the Porch: $4 Thrift Chair Makeover

I always dream about having a home with a charming wrap-around porch.
You know the type of porch to grow old on.
The type where the hubby and I could sit side by side in rocking chairs
& complain about our dentures and "kids these days".
In the mean time, I have a small porch....just barely big enough for a cheerleader high kick.
Not that I would know or anything.
I've been wanting to spruce up our porch with a chair for quite some time now so I was as happy as a clam when I stumbled upon this chair at our local Goodwill.
It was dirty & wobbly though and trust me, falling out of a collapsed
chair on my front porch wasn't exactly what I had in mind. 
But the hubby confirmed it's screws were just loose,
which is funny because he says the same thing about me too
Anywho, four bucks later the chair was mine.
And after a bath and two coats of white paint it's like a whole new woman.
Or in my humble opinion....it's the shizznizzle.
Especially after I added a blue pillow from World Market that I had been eyeing for awhile.

I just love how it compliments the corner of our porch
and all in all between the pillow and chair it only cost me $16.
Not bad considering there's a similiar wood chair from Target being sold for a few hundred!!
I just love me a bargain.
{Note to hubby: We didn't move. I just photoshopped our address to protect us from killer clowns {a true fear of his} & dognappers {a true fear of mine} Aren't we one joyful couple?}
And then because I got a little camera happy while outside
 you get to enjoy a little tour of my flower pots.

 Wasn't that fun?

So what's on your front porch? Flowers, chairs, wreaths?
Any thing you'd like to add to your little entry way?


Katie said...

i love the front of your house! that chair turned out great! and I think it is really funny that you photoshopped a new address in. : ) my front yard needs a makeover!

Regina of Live Delightfully said...

Okay, just stop. Because I'm having some serious porch envy. Our front porch is tiny. Like only one person can fit on their at one time kind of tiny. I wish we could put flowers out there let alone chairs and cutesy decorations (Purdue fan are you? A friend of mine went there for her PhD.) Anywho, you did a great job on the chair and your porch looks beautiful!

Heather J said...

Cute porch! Lucky find. And you make me laugh. I love the clean lines on that chair. Looks great!

Val said...

Such a lovely porch.

Clara Turbay said...


MYSAVIOR said...

Lovely and inviting!

Anonymous said...

You have an amazing ability to see the potential in things like that old rickety chair! I'm completely jealous! The makeover looks great! And why yes, I did enjoy the flower pot tour!

Tamsyn said...

You front porch looks so sweet. I love how white spray paint can fix anything!!

Sarah Hartley said...

Wow, how easy! And it looks so great. What a beautiful porch.

Anonymous said...

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If you want some cute swedish decor inspiration...check out my new post:)

Have a great week.

LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

That is the shizznizzle! Your flowers are so pretty too. And I'm glad I don't have to worry about clowns or dognappers finding you! :)

jeana said...

I love a fresh and inviting porch! Yours is wonderful, good job!!

Unknown said...

The porch is my favorite part of the house to design. You see, I think we have the same size, and it’s so easy to experiment on different designs. 4$ is so cheap for an upgrade, right? But nevertheless, the chair seems enough to improve the atmosphere. :D -->Leif

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