Friday's Dose of Delight: It's Like an Early Happy Hour

It's Friday. You know the deal. It's Dose of Delight time; a mini-mini-round-up of things that have inspired, thrilled, or delighted me lately.
It's like an early happy hour with out the hangover.

Bottoms up!

Every time I ogle this bag made by Mandy of Fabric Paper Glue I shed a tear for my poor, poor pitiful-non-sewing soul. Even for those of you who may be worn out on the chevron trend {I suggest seeing a doctor!} you have to admit the colors are pretty a-m-a-z-i-n-g.
Blessed with sewing talents? Check out the tutorial here.

If your hair has five hundred personalities like mine; curly, wavy, frizzy you can either continue to channel Bret Michaels {think the 80's} or may I suggest taming that lion's mane of yours with this flat iron spray from Organix? I've been a regular user of thier Morrocan oil and recently fell in love with this brazilian keratin therapy spray.
Now if you're one of those gals with no hair issues stop rubbing it in and oh you may just want to get this spray purely for huffing purposes......not that I promote drugs but seriously this stuff smells more amazing then Ryan Gosling rolling around in a tub of bacon. Nuff said.

Yay for Fridays, happy hours, & Snoop Lion
{seriously, Snoop Dogg???}

Hope you pretties have a delightful weekend!

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Katie said...

I love that bag!! I can sew but that looks way beyond my abilities!

Unknown said...

Cute bag! I hope you have a great weekend too!

Unknown said...

Hi, there! Thanks for featuring my bag! I've got to say, I'm a little worn out by the chevron trend myself, but it was really all about the colors in the painting that inspired it. I'm glad you like it for the same reasons! ...and of course, I encourage you to learn how to sew. It's fun!

henning love said...

that chevron bag is amazing. i love the color palette

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

omg, I love that bag. Crap, I seriously have got to learn to sew. Have a great weekend :)

katie hanson said...

that bag is sew cute. lol :)

Regina of Live Delightfully said...

Ummm... tired of chevron? Shut the front door! Impossible! I'm still obsessed so you just keep those chevron posts coming! ;)

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