Frozen Pretzel Yogurt with PB & Chocolate: A Scoop of Heaven

A few weeks ago during our weekend getaway to Lake Geneva I discovered pure heaven at a local homemade icecream shop. I'm a sweet, salty, & sassy type of gal. Okay, I just made up the last part. It just sounded good with all those "Ssss".  Anyways, the best part about this ice cream was the bits of pretzels mixed in with the sweet chocolate & warm caramel.  It makes my heart pitter-patter just thinking about it! Or maybe that's because I just ran up a flight of stairs to get the laundry.

So this past weekend that icecream kept creeping it's way into my thoughts until finally I couldn't take it anymore! I decided to run to the store to pick up some ingredients to see if I could make a replica of the dreamy, dairy goodness. Of course since I can pack on pounds just by looking at ice cream I did my best at trying to slim down the treat by using frozen yogurt and other fat free/sugar free ingredients.

Incase you want to get in on this, here's the 4-1-1:

1.5 quarts of Edy's Slow Churned Yogurt {or any brand will do}
1 cup of  fat free semi-sweet mini chocolate chips
1/2 cups of fat free peanut butter
2 cups of pretzals {I used the small stick kind and just broke them in half as I added them into the misture}
Sugar Free Caramel for topping

 Toss all your ingrediants {minus the caramel} into a mixing bowl and for just a minute mix with a blender at a very low speed. Be careful not to mix long or at a high speed otherwise you'll just get milk!
Then I just threw everything back in the yogurt carton and tossed back into the freezer for an hour
{I felt like this helped the yogurt absorb all the different flavors but then again I have know idea what I'm talking about when it comes to food other than I like it. Alot.}
Lastly, drizzle some of that ooey gooey warm caramel on top & garnish with a few more pretzals and then dive in!


Katie said...


Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust said...

What a great recipe!!!

Regina of Live Delightfully said...

Well, look at you Miss Fancypants! I'm with you on the salty/sweet combo (think popcorn and m&ms, pretzels and nutella, chocolate covered pringles). I might have to try this out, as long as the peanut butter tastes good. I tried some peanut butter flavored frozen yogurt at our fave yogurt place and it was disgusting! But this looks alright. ;)

Nici @ Posed Perfection said...

This looks delicious. I am your newest follower. Thanks so much for stopping by Posed Perfection last week and leaving me a sweet comment about the Modern Botanical Print. I hope you'll visit again and maybe even follow me back. Have a great week!

gladley said...

Oh Oh Oh - always on the look out for new pretzel combos. You know I only just tasted ice cream and pretzels for the first time in the past couple of months since I moved to the USA? I told all my friends back in the UK about it and they went nuts.

MYSAVIOR said...

I never knew that all of those things came in fat-free. Wow! I do get the fat-free slow churned yogurt or ice cream but chocolate chips?? Very cool!


Unknown said...

My mouth is watering! I think that is something I would enjoy!

Cami Lopez said...

It really is yummy. I want one of this. Gah! Thanks for sharing.

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