I've Had a Revelation

It has recently come to my attention that I may have a problem.........

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
 And just in case you haven't figured it out yet let's look at a few more clues, shall we?

That's right I suffer from a serious mental disorder called "bluetitis".
Thankfully I saved myself a trip to the head doctor & was able to diagnose myself simply by taking a quick jaunt down memory lane here on the DN.
Look at that... a revelation!
All you ever hear about is how blogs make you more accountable for yourself.
Quite frankly my blog doesn't have that effect on me.
 I basically make up crap that I'm going to do and then just pray that y'all will forget.
True Story.

BUT who knew your blog would help you see things about yourself?
The good, the bad, the awesome.
Ugh...awesome. I apparently I also have a thingy-thing for the word "awesome".
I think I've now used it on this blog 1, 245 times.
{1,246 times}

Anywho, you'd think I would have suspected that I was suffering from "bluetitis" when I walked into a dressing room the other day with every cobalt blue apparel item ever known to mankind.

So see people you don't need a blog or even a psychiatrist to figure these things out about yourself!
"They" say anything from your driving style to the type of pillow you use can say alot about you.

Apparently liking the color blue means I am capable, reliable, & sensitive.
Sounds about right.....unless I've had a night with my two good friends Pinot & Grigio.
Then I think capable and reliable just go out the door.

So I'm wondering what kind of revelations would you have about yourself if you looked through your blog posts or closet or book collection?

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Katie said...

you make me laugh. all your blue things are so cute though? I missed the beaded necklace and need to find it so I can make one! I realize I stand that same way, like to tie my shirt like I live in the 80's, wear the same orange sandals far too often, and think some of my posts are way funnier than they probably are. : )

Heather J said...

haha! I love it! It's a great color.

Stephanie @ Henry Happened said...

I think there's nothing wrong with having blutitis, as long as it looks so "awesome" on everything! It's really such a peaceful color!

Denise Pacurar said...

So funny!! For a while I realized I was wearing alot of red & blue!! I love the two colors together! Then I realized I had a lot of red & blue in my house! It was pretty funny!!

At least all your stuff is super cute!!! Keep bringing on the blues!!! You have great taste!

<3 Denise


sherri lynn said...

ha I love how much blue you have! I wouldn't call it a problem per se but it is really interesting that you only found this out by going through old blog posts! I think what I would find by looking through old posts is what I already know... I'm addicted to eating! :)

Anonymous said...

Revelations from my blog? Hmmm.... How about the fact that I never seem to finish any kind of goal I set out for myself?! Lol! I discovered this one when I was going though posts for my blogiversary. I tend to start projects or post goals which I think will help me be accountable. Instead I usually just forget about those goals and 'don't mention' it again! Lol!

GAR said...

Your blog is the only thing that brightens my day :)

From: A former "Graytitis", currently a "Burlaptitis".

Terrie R. said...

Ha, ha, well if you're going to have a thing for a color at least it's a pretty one!
I'm visiting from Thee Networking Blog Hop. I'm loving what I see so far!
Your new follower,
Terrie - HearthandWhimsy.com

Unknown said...

I love all of the blue! No I have not looked back over my posts to see what I can see because I am too scared of what I may find!

Tori Bella said...

I'm not really sure I see the problem. In fact... my friends actually refer to Teal as Tori Teal. ;)

I'd love to hear from you!