Mice & (Wo)Men

Here we are again, starting another week. My weekends have been a blur of events lately.
This past Saturday I totally partied like it was 1986.
See that choke hold I have on that little whippersnapper? This my friends is an example of how to properly hold a child. And all you mamas thought you had a thing or two on me, eh?

Sometimes I think the adults have more fun than the kids.

I totally had a post planned for today. It was going to be deep & profound.
Mmmkay...maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration.
But lucky for you, my free therapy session post can wait for another day.

Speaking of therapy....I also got some dose of retail therapy this past weekend at the Loft for the "friends, family, & fanatic" sales event. That last description "fanatic" was included just for me. Seriously, Annie Taylor you get me every time.
I scored this shirt in the mustard yellow & it was so hot diggity dog comfortable I had to go back and get the pink one.

I would have totally modeled it for you but I'd hate to upstage this beauty.

So what kind of weekend did you have? 

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Katie said...

that first pic is so cute!! and love your new shirt!

Regina of Live Delightfully said...

LOVE the first picture! You look gorgeous! And that "choke hold" as you call it... totally natural. ;)

Cat said...

Why should kiddos have all the fun at a birthday party?!??! I totally hear you on the weekend blur phenomenon ... phew! Summer is busy! Hooray for Ann Taylor Loft, one of my favorite stores. Almost everything I buy there ends up being a "top worn" in my closet. Can't wait for you to style up that yellow top for us! xxCat

henning love said...

haha upstage the beauty i don't think so!! do outfit photos jennifer, you are beautiful :-)

Stephanie @ Henry Happened said...

love the mustard tee, and I'm sure it looks fab in pink as well!

Unknown said...

Looks like fun! I went to see if I could copy you and buy the same shirt but their site is under construction :( no shirt for me!

Jeans and a Teacup said...

Aww..cute party! Love your new top too. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Anonymous said...

Lol! I love how you can always make me smile! :)

I'm completely awkward when it comes to kids! I don't know whether to talk to to them like adults or like puppies. Hopefully my motherly instinct will kick in some day! Haha!

On another note, I love Ann Taylor! When I was younger (like 22) I would always go into that store and drool over all the clothes I'd get to wear when I was old enough (meaning 30 in my mind). Now I'm 27 and still feel like I don't quite fit the image of a woman who would wear clothes like that. One that has it all together (a good job, well kept family, sweet husband, etc.) Funny huh? Oh well. Maybe I'll never be the perfect image, but I still live theory clothes!! :)

Anonymous said...

PS - just wanted to say you look gorgeous in that photo!!! :)

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